For example, a step-up transformer with a delta-connected primary, and star- connected secondary, is not written as ‘dY11’, but ‘Yd11’. The As different combinations of winding connections will result in different phase angles between the voltages on the windings, transformers connected in parallel . classic distribution transformers for electric power supply. Oil and gas . Dy11– 20°. 1 x (Dy5 Dd0). +°. 1 x (Dy5 Dd0). –°. 1 x (Dy11–10° Dy Dy11–10°) .

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Vector group

The UAT unit auxiliary trafo on the generator busduct tap-of is Dyn Gujarat Gas Co Ltd. September 17, at 9: Srijan Gangopadhyay Aug 11, Email required Address never made public. Jignesh Parmar has completed M. What will be transormer group for that. Please what do I do on such load balancing.

Dear Sir, Transfprmer describe which type of load is suitable for which vector group of transformer. January 1, at 8: September 12, at 7: This is an article well explained in common mans language. September 14, at If unbalancing pattern is always same phase wise then it will be easy to balance by withdrawing single phase load from R and putting it on B phase.


With this configuration, earth fault protection is possible and practical. An ac voltage transfomer to a coil will induce a voltage in a second coil where the two are linked by a magnetic path.

What is meant by vector group for transformers and why is it important?

Is it ok at connection, what about distribution and how to nuetral earting. October 11, at 9: Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Type your email id here mandatory!

September 29, at 6: How to find out Different vector group? December 29, at 2: Parmar, While I appreciate your article on significance and selection of vector group of Transformers, pl. Transformers connected in parallel must have the same vector group; mismatching phase angles will result in transfor,er current and other system disturbances.

This is the far best explanation of vector group meaning and usage! Please trabsformer the additive polarity symbolic daigram. Now i am thinking to order a new oil transformer of Dy11y11 configuration. August 13, at 1: Saha Feb 03, Parmar Jignesh Parmar has completed M. Generally direction is taken as anticlockwise.


Siddique Shariful Islam says: This position is always the reference point. May 6, at 7: Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references.

This is called a 30 degree phase shift. Edvard Jun 03, I work with power company ,please I will like to know how load balancing. Vector diagram is least understood by many.

Introduction Three phase transformer consists of three sets of primary windingsone for each phase, and three sets of secondary windings wound on the same iron core. Jerry Kwabla Agbo Aug 24, Will the vectors change from Dyn11 to Yd1 depending of the transformdr direction? Cookiess May 14,