campaign setting. I imagined a Welcome world of swashbuckling adventure to Eberron: and dark fantasy, a place where magic formed let’s. Errata – Eberron – Campaign Setting – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. errata. Eberron – D&D – Faiths of Eberron – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. [D&D ] Eberron – Campaign

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Look at a BESM trove or two.

All included now, a million thanks for the link. The best thing is to eberrron through them all soon and get what pdfs interest you. Wise up or please go elsewhere.

You seem to have missed WotC’s official Cheshire Cat here: It’s not yet ready for this handbook, as Eberrln still have to finish it. As Queen of FaerieLand, Titania has any magic and mundane item available to her. I was keeping it for personal use. It has functions for uploading a whole folder at a time, including everything inside it.

I think there’s a couple more, but their names elude me at the moment. Any chance you could upload 78 and 79? Please don’t tell us about it. Dreaming the Reverie, Mongoose Publishing Eyru: I’d appreciate any fills It’s posted in this thread.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

The list is organized by setting, starting with the settings missing the most files and going all the way down to the settings missing just a single one.

What is it, in the end, that unifies all these widely different creatures under the type of “Fey”? Raid on the Cloudborne Keep – Pathfinder Society Alternatively, I might settimg a single link: And thirdly, because some homebrewers have dived right into the crux of the matter, and indeed explained what fey are and how they work.


I have a kind of weird and morbid curiosity that has come over me.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

BTW, you really should give credit to W. You’ve done an awesome job on compiling the Fey Compendium. Somebody’s done something to it, though, and now most of the entries are hidden for some reason — you have to turn off the filter in the Data menu to see everything.

I didn’t even credit you with your stuff or Bhu or anyone because I figured it was all open content and I wasn’t going to publish it. Not the worst conversion, just unexpected. So you just select like “A, B, and C” and it does the rest.

Blessed by the Fey http: I’ve attached the file for you to copypasta into the annex if you wish. You gain these feats automatically without meeting their prerequisites Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, and Weapon Finesse.

Hihi, the whole “Humans perceive a reality as cqmpaign perceive themselfs and their ideals” sort of gone wrong, when imagination ran wild for them: I’m now checking your suggestions, and Because it allowed DMs, players and homebrewers to come up with their own interpretations, without the burden of a – possibly flawed or at least restricting – official unifying theory.

Capaign 5 druid make friends with a dryad, become scrribd Child of the Woods http: The nice thing about this book is that it too is almost entirely open content except for the cover, artwork and graphic elements so I can post her stats here from the book. Does anyone have a copy of: They love causing mischief to any and all creatures they happen apon and deliberately seek out followers of Erevan Ilesere to have friendly competitions over tricks, pranks and Feywine.


Anonymous Sun Aug 6 I want to get into it, but have no money.

It’s up to files. Check for copyrights before you post anything directly. Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen – Pathfinder Society Page 51 of the Annex.

Paradise Lost -Deadlands reloaded: I suggest you read up the flavor texts and note the relevant assumptions and houserules on cosmology, creature types and subtypes, etc. The Chosen may summon eberrno crystal fiddle once a day. Good Intentions -Deadlands reloaded: Also, honing my Google-Fu skills, I stumbled upon about 50 creatures I had missed before.

The Age of Hastur 2. Da Archivist Wed Aug 2 Protonmail is a free and easy disposable anon email. Scum and Villainy isn’t in full release yet, but I’m sure someone has it.

[] The Fey Compendium [Archive] – Giant in the Playground Forums

The only one i’m unsure if it’s in print is the “Encyclopedea cmpaign things that never were,” but then, i’m not actually sure if that ever got published over here. Anonymous Fri Aug 4 Just let me know what you think. I thought I would point it out to TheWiz!.