EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES the equivalent circuit of UJT and explain its operation. Write short notes on light activated SCR. 2nd Semester CSE Notes: 1. Basic civil & Mechanical Notes and Question answers – View. 5. Electron Devices & Electric circuits (EC) – Unit 1 – View /. PH Engineering Physics 2 Anna University Notes: PH Engineering notes (EM notes – ME Notes) – DOWNLOAD EC

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PIN diodes are used in microwave switches. Characteristics of CB configuration The ed2151 of transistors, when connected in a circuit, may be determined from their characteristic curves that relate different d. The behavior of the voltage or current when it is changed from one state to another state is called transient state.

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The gate is also connected to a metal contact surface but remains insulted from the n-Channel by a very thin layer of dielectric material, Silicon Dioxide. Draw mesh currents in loops of circuit, enough to account for all components.

Therefore, they are used with a. Depending upon external bias voltage polarities used, the transistor works in one of the three regions. To collect majority charge carriers. When the diode is reverse biased under this condition the electrons from n-side are attracted by the positive plate and hence move away from the junction.

EC2151 Electric Circuits and Electron Devices ECED Notes

The right hand side of the equations is the current source connected to the respective nodes. It is also known as impurity semiconductor.


Its operation depends upon the flow of majority carrier only. Due to which it is used as an oscillator. Hence, the voltage drop across R is high.

Revaluation Procedure for Trimester M. Convert voltage sources in series with a resistor to an equivalent current source with the resistor in parallel.

Maximum Power transfer Theorem: Double tuned circuit In double tuned nottes, a variable capacitor is used at input as well as output side. The circuit behaves as pure resistive circuit at the resonant frequency with unit power factor.


The source and drain terminals are connected through metallic contacts the n-doped regions linked by an n-channel. It consists of two 4-layer diodes connected in parallel in opposite direction.

Switching speed notfs high. It can be triggered ON by a light input on the gate area, but does not turn OFF, when light source is removed. When the reverse voltage is increased width of the depletion layer increases at the same time the electrons due to force of attraction by the plates acquire some high velocity and during their motion inside the diode they collide with the electrons in covalent bonds and bring them out.

This layer act as one parallel ntoes capacitor. Official Notes Add contents here Notes from other sources Add contents here Model question papers Add contents here Previous year question papers Add contents here Useful ec215 Add contents here. It consists of a piece of semiconductor material silicon or germanium. Parallel Resistance Two elements are in parallel if they are connected between share the same two distinct end nodes. It is achieved at the PN junction by providing the conduction bandwidth electrons from the N-doped side and the Valence band with the holes from ef2151 P-doped side.


It has two main terminals namely Main terminal 1 and Main terminal 2. It differs from ordinary PN diode in the sense that it has three terminals namely Emitter, Base1 and Base 2.

As reverse bias is increased ec22151 current increase.

Where two mesh currents intersect through a component, express the current as the algebraic sum nptes those two mesh currents. Reverse Characteristics The reverse characteristic is obtained by reversing the connections of the d.

Second Semester Anna University lecturer notes

Operation When a tunnel diode is under unbiased condition then there will not transfer of electrons from n-side to p-side hence the net current will be zero. It consists of two 4-layer diodes connected in noes in opposite direction.

How many lamps can be connected in parallel with each other across the two wires of V line if the maximum allowable current is 5 A? Its operation depends on the zener breakdown phenomenon. The carrier inversion is the first requirement of lasing. Derive the relationship to express three delta connected resistances into star. These dots placed inside the loops correspond to the independent node jotes the dual network.