HOW TO PASS EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES UNIT I CIRCUIT ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES Syllabus: Kirchoff’s current and voltage. EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES Syllabus for Anna University Second semester B.E | (For ECE, CSE, IT and Biomedical Engg. II – VIII SEMESTERS CURRICULUM AND SYLLABI. SEMESTER II EC Engineering Mechanics. (For non-circuit branches). Circuit Theory. (For branches .

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Licensed software for Drafting and Modeling. Students become conversant with the definition, purpose, location and materials of coastal structures such as piers, breakwaters, wharves, jetties, quays and spring fenders.

Exercises combining sentences using cause and effect expressions — Gap filling exercises using the appropriate tense forms — Making sentences using different grammatical forms of the same word. Study of forced convective heat transfer over a flat plate. Principles of fluid statics, kinematics and dynamics are dealt with subsequently. Electrical strain gauge 10 2, 4, 10 Hinged bar suspended by two wires of 4. Each student shall finally produce a comprehensive report covering background information, literature Survey, problem statement, Project work details and conclusions.

Manometer, Pitot-Static tube 1 No. Objects — types — classification — principles — measurements of distances — angles — leveling — determination of areas — illustrative examples. Many students, particularly those from non-English medium schools, find that they are not preferred due to their inadequacy of communication skills and soft skills, despite possessing sound knowledge in their subject area along with technical capability.


Hydraulic and energy gradient. The Career Lab 2 Periods may be handled by any competent teacher, not necessarily from English Department 3. He should be able to comprehend the effect of friction on equilibrium. Poole and Frank J.

civil syllabus – CAHCET

Determination of Binder Content 2. Free jet test setup zyllabus 8 Aluminium plates with deflection 7. Rayleigh and Fanno Flow. Reservoir planning, management and economic analysis aspects are covered in detail.

civil syllabus – CAHCET

Principles of Amplitude and Frequency Modulations. Advanced topics such as FE method and Space Structures are covered. Preparation of comparative data sheets 4. C and Canale, R. Sum of a given series with and without carry. Torsional pendulum — Determination of rigidity modulus.

Module Overview

Faulty heat treatment and design failures, processing failures forging, casting, machining etc. R and Gupta, H. To encourage students to actively involve in participative learning of English and to help them acquire Communication Skills.

Earth processes — Weathering — Work of rivers, wind and sea and their engineering importance — Earthquake belts in India. Piston Engine Components – dimensional checks. Students make presentations on given topics. Boring and internal thread cutting. Drawing Instrument 20 3. C and Ashok D. Bricks — stones — sand — cement — concrete — steel sections. See more of Engineering students chennai on Facebook. Flux — splitting schemes.

The student also shall know the irrigation management practices of the past, present and future. Testing of fresh and hardened concrete — quality of concrete – Non — destructive testing. After studying this course, students will be able to have a clear understanding of the managerial functions like planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.


Circular cylinder and Aerofoil pressure distribution 1 each 5,6 models 7. J and Witczak M. Performance test on centrifugal pumps 7.

Principles of failure analysis. This final report shall be in typewritten form as specified in the guidelines. It exposes wc2151 students to highway planning, engineering surveys for highway alignment, Design of Geometric Elements of Highways and Urban roads, Rigid and Flexible pavements design.

AERO II TO VIII syllabus | surendhar N –

The methods introduced in the solution of ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations will be useful in attempting any engineering problem. Plotting of drawings must be made for each exercise and attached to the records written by students. Characteristics of CB configuration 9. Students will also gain some basic knowledge on international aspect of management. D and Kohli, R.

Equipments Qty Experiments No. Items Quantity Experiment No. UNIT III 12 Cause and effect expressions — Different grammatical shllabus of the same word – Speaking — stress and intonation, Group Discussions – Reading — Critical reading – Listening, – Writing — using connectives, report writing — types, structure, data collection, content, form, recommendations. Bio Medical Engineering 4. Drawing of front view and top view of simple solids like prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, etc, and dimensioning.