Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of. Initiation is an extraordinary book penned by Elisabeth Haich in Elisabeth Haich () was a well-known painter and sculptor from. In Elisabeth Haich wrote her best known book, Initiation which has been translated into seventeen languages with millions of copies sold worldwide.

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Het thema interesseert me zeker, en er staan heel wat inzichten in waar je verder over kan reflecteren. In with Selvarajan Yesudianwho arrived in Hungary from India inthey founded Europe’s first yoga school in Budapest.

Elisabeth Haich’s ‘Initiation’ | Spark

Dec 09, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: There is a lot of explanation as to how the world works from a spiritual perspective. It just seems liked something I’d enjoy. Spiritual Heart — Religion of Unity. Divine Tales of Slavic Lands.

Elisabeth Haich’s ‘Initiation’

In the book, the author describes that in one of her previous births, she was a princess in Egypt and successfully she climbed all the seven spiritual steps to be initiated under the guidance of spiritual master High Priest Ptahhotep.

This wish is soon granted as she recalls vividly her past life as the daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt, and the niece of the High Priest Ptahhotep. The average man is characterized with the fourth step, the genius characterized with his intellect as the Fifth; the prophet with his wisdom and universal love as the Sixth; and ultimately the God Man as the final Seventh level of manifestation.

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Mar 18, Caitlin H rated it it was ok Shelves: Kayr — On the Path and Travelers. This is one of my favourite books I just skimmed over other review I’m very tempted to drop everything I’m reading to start this one. What was done by Vladimir Antonov is such a revival and disclosure wlisabeth people of present time of the Universal Teachings of God.

I’m very tempted to drop everything I’m reading to start this one. This book gives you an opportunity to think why did you come in this world? Nov 20, Chrisy Walker rated it it was amazing. Books inltiation and editor Dr.

Forest Lectures on the Hiach Yoga. Book of Those Born-Again in the Light. We struggle for happiness, and when haichh have attained it we know in advance that we must lose it. You can read this book on so many levels – like a novel from a woman with a vivid imagination; as a textbook on reincarnation and the spiritual lessons we need to learn, or as a memoir by a spiritual yoga teacher with a memory better than ours. Elizabeth Haich writes about her current life from her childhood in Budapest, her experiences in World War 2, right up to her escape to the West.

This is a life changing book. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Key of Immortality Chapter Nine. Let this knowledge be included in the educational curricula!

Sooner or later we must learn that the true reason for our sufferings our abysmal lack of self-understanding and self-control. And the present, our life, everything that happens to us is merely an opportunity to meet the tests and trials and challenges of initiation. All high levels of the evolution of consciousness — up to the Mergence with the Creator — can be reached only in a rlisabeth body!


This is the time when the Sons of Haicy hold power. Oct 26, Mark rated it it was amazing. Initiarion large number of Heroes have traversed this Path and proved with Their lives that it is possible!

Unfortunately, this is what is happening now with a lot of people who consider themselves as nothing more than material bodies!

Diverse representatives of the human filth also play their role in the universal process of the Evolution. At that time all these events were lying in the depths of my soul as unconscious, still latent energies, still pure cause.

As the soul grows in the process of its evolution, the important questions arise before it from a certain stage of its development. The highlight of this dramatic story is not, believe me, the writing.


I wanted to transmit this knowledge in a simple language, understandable to many. Hi Linda, Thanks for your kind words. The Creation was manifested through the condensation of the Part of the Absolute by the Creator.