Empire of the Moghul: The Tainted Throne emperor Akbar, and his son Jahangir is crowned as ruler of the empire. This is the fourth in the Moghul quintet. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. This is the fourth entry in the Empire of the Moghul historical-adventure series set during the sixteenth and seventeenth. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. This is the fourth entry in the Empire of the Moghul The Tainted Throne: Empires of the Moghul: Book IV (Empire of the Moghul 4) – Kindle edition by Alex Rutherford. Download it once and read it on your.

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Book review: ‘Empire of The Moghul: The Tainted Throne’

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There are always consequences. May 23, Shrikanth Venne rated it liked it. Views Read Edit View history. Tainted Throne is the fourth book in the Empire of the Moghul series but can easily be read on its own.

She does not even care for her own family; since Khurram’s beloved wife is her niece. The eighth action-packed Victorian military adventure featuring hero Jack Lark: Alex Rutherford is the pen name of Diana Preston and her husband Michael.

Empire of the Moghul – Wikipedia

Noor-Jaha The best in the series of Mughals so far. Jul 29, Arun Divakar rated it liked it. Mehrunisa is example of a women who is ambitious in those days when women were considered backward.

Jahangir married Mehrunissa, who was like a soul-mate to him and he loved her with all his heart. Her machinations against Khurram keep the book ticking. Telemachus will need to call on all his cunning and survival skills if he is to win the day, avert mutiny, and exact his revenge on his tormentor The fourth and I think penultimate installment of the ‘Empire of the Moghul’. The Tainted Throne is a must read for history fiction lovers!


My only negative is that I never really buy into the characters as anything more that people on the page, unlike the places which are described like the man was present at the time the events took place.

Headline Review The Girl in the Letter: The early life of Khurram Shah-Jahan is well portrayed and ends with how he takes charge of the kingdom. What drove her on? Which means that book 3 was half about Akbar and the half about Jahangir and here book 4 is divided between Jahangir and his son Khurram later Shah Jahan.

When he conspires the second time, his eyelids are sewn. Uncover the secrets of Edward Fairfax Rochester, the beloved, enigmatic hero of Jane Eyre, as he tells his story for the first time in Mr Rochester, Sarah Shoemaker’s gorgeous retelling of one of the most romantic stories in literature. The series consists of six volumes covering the rise and height of the Moghul Empire in medieval India.

I actually found the author dwelling on this on multiple occasions, and that was quite interesting. As usual, awesome details of history packaged in a wonderful story keeps the grip for long.

Victory, if it comes, will be at a terrible price. But something much darker lurks in the depths. Jane was driven by the strength of her faith and a belief that she might do some good in a wicked world. If you want a book that is set away from the usual Euro-centric histories then I can highly recommend the Tainted Throne.

Refresh and try again. I feel this was the best novel in the wonderful series so far. Headline Hope for the Best Jodi Taylor.

The fourth novel in the Moghul series is the most engaging and riveting out the four so far, complete with a vamp in the Emperor’s wife, vivid battle scenes, love and support.


When she stumbles on a letter from the past, the contents shock and move her.

After the incident, Jahangir send an assassin to eliminate one of his governor,SherAfghan, who’s married to Mehrunisa. Mehrunissa, better known as Nur Jahan, is fascinating.

Book review: ‘Empire of The Moghul: The Tainted Throne’

Khurram first defeats Khusrau and then Shahriyar to free his two sons and become the emperor. He would willingly die to save Nereus, but Canis’s word cannot be noghul. Jack Lark is out for revenge. May 14, Robin Carter rated it really liked it Shelves: Under the name of Nur Jahan, she was the one Book Four in the Tne of the Moghul series, I found the tale following Jahangir’s ascend to the throne the most interesting story of all.

Jun 25, Pradeep Kumar rated it really liked it. Empire of the Moghul 4. The authors faced a very difficult task to create a fitting story to match the famous structure, and I Have you learned to be mogul of what you wish for? With wealth beyond the dreams of most men, he must be utterly ruthless if he wants to hold on to that power.

It tainnted goes onto show how the power and responsibility thus gained is, many a time, a burden to shoulder. It helps to know our predecessors. I have so far read four books on the life of Jehangir and Mehrunissa by different authors, and each book spun a different tale about Jehangir’s obsession with his twentieth wife.