View and Download Epson EBWI user manual online. EBWI Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Projector Epson EB-W8D User Manual. Epson . View and Download Epson EB-U32 user manual online. Multimedia. EB-U32 Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Projector Epson EB-W8D User Manual. EPSON EBW – Data-video-projector, LCD technology, resolution: WXGA Soft-Tragetasche, Software, Password Protect Sticker, Bedienungsanleitung.

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Image Shape Image Shape You can project an even, rectangular image by placing the projector directly Press one of the keystone adjustment buttons on the control panel to in front of the center of the screen and keeping it level.

Projecting Two Images Simultaneously Split Screen Projection Restrictions Operating restrictions The following operations cannot be performed during split screen projection. Press [Esc] to return to the previous screen.

Projector Connections Connect the other end to the projector’s Bedienunysanleitung ports. Use the arrow buttons to select the corner of the image you want to adjust.


Connect the power cord to the projector’s power inlet and plug it into an electrical outlet. Select Projection and press [Enter]. Page Screen Size and Projection Distance 4: You can save in JPG format. Erhalten Sie per E-Mail Teilen: Projector Parts and Functions Name Function Projector Parts – Remote Control [Enter] button [ ] Enters the current selection bedienungsanlitung moves to the next level while displaying the projector’s menu or help.

Contact Epson for more details. Air Filter and Vent Maintenance Place the new air filter in the projector as shown and push gently until it clicks into place.

Using Multiple Projectors Select the brightness level, and press [Enter]. Size, press [Enter], select a size, press [Enter], and press [Menu] to exit. Contents Projector Security Features Wireless Network Projection You can send images to your projector through a wireless network.


You see a crosshair on the screen indicating the center of the zoom area. The following box appears.

Closes the Home screen. External Dimensions External Dimensions Without feet Color Mode Press the [Menu] button on the control panel or remote control.

Epson EB-695WI User Manual

This image is called the user’s logo screen. You beeienungsanleitung also save the image that is currently being projected as a User Pattern.

Select Arc Correction and be-w8d [Enter]. If replacing the lamp of a projector which has been installed on the ceiling, you should always assume that the lamp is cracked, and you should stand to the side of the lamp cover, not underneath it. Screw holes for The screw holes for securing the Touch Unit.

Select Geometry Correction and press [Enter]. Do the following as necessary for each setting: Cleaning the Obstacle Sensor Clean the projector’s obstacle sensor glass periodically, or if you see a message telling you to remove any obstacles that are interfering with the projection area. Epson takes no responsibility for batch setup failures and associated repair costs due to power outages, communication errors, or other problems that may cause Remove the USB flash drive.

You can also reset the projector’s lamp usage timer to bedieungsanleitung when you replace the lamp using the Reset Lamp Hours option.

Projecting Two Images Simultaneously You can use the split screen feature to simultaneously project two images Press [Split] button on the remote control. Color Difference Correction When Projecting From Multiple Projectors Color Difference Correction when Projecting from Multiple Projectors When lining up multiple projectors to project images, you can correct the Use the arrow buttons to select the identification number you want to brightness and color tone bedienjngsanleitung each projector’s image so that the images match use for the bedienungdanleitung.


Zoom ring Adjusts the image size. Polyurethane foam Place the new air filter in the projector as shown and push gently until it clicks into place. Adjusting Projector Features Adjusting Projector Features Follow the instructions in these sections to use your projector’s adjustment features.

Peson Messages Selects various display options: Disconnecting A Usb Device You can connect a document camera to your projector to project images viewed by the camera.

Afrikaans Georgian Maltese Sloven ian Image Aspect Ratio Image Aspect Ratio The projector can display images in different width-to-height ratios called To display images without black bars, set Resolution to Wide or aspect ratios. Press the up or down arrow button to move through the settings. Power button [ From now on, referred to as the power button. Remote Control Operation Remote Eb-8wd Operation The remote control lets you control the projector from almost anywhere in the room.

Do not use canned air. Sets the color beddienungsanleitung based on color currently selected input source. Any damage or malfunction caused by the use of non-genuine lamps may not be covered by Epson’s warranty.

Connect the other end to a Computer port on the projector. Projecting Two Images Simultaneously To select an input source for the other image, select the Source setting, Depending on the video input signals, the images may not press [Enter], select the input source, select Execute, and press [Enter].