ORDER THE BOOK E-BOOK Kindle Apple Books Google Play NOOK Kobo The Ninja Nicholas Linnear #1 Description The New York Times–bestselling novel. Nicholas Linnear, hero of The Ninja and The Miko, is back in another epic Eric Van Lustbader, Author Fawcett Books $ (p) ISBN Unfortunately, this is one of several such things that Eric Van Lustbader wants to show his readers in his De Sadean martial arts mega-seller.

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I look forward to following more of Nick’s storyline with the other characters who survived this first book of the series. The Furies of Rome. The writing itself might have gone off on random tangents at times and the dialogue was a little disjointed here and Definitely one of my all-time favorites and a must re-read every couple of years, even though I’ve pretty much memorized the key scenes by now both the flawless action sequences and the original sex scenes.

White Ninja

He has come to the US where he succeeded as an add man for a big corporation, but one day he just quits his position. Overall it’s a pretty one-dimensional novel, the author nijna hardly a couple of points to write, but the repetition over the course of the novel sort of irritates you towards the end.

Just as he sometimes describes a person’s literal-word-thoughts without identifying that they are the person’s thoughts by quotes, by italics, by changing from the third person to the first; the reader is on his own as to who is thinking what, what is fact, what is feeling. Linnear is a man who stands between East and West, the son of an American diplomat raised in Japan, Western on the outside and Japanese in jinja heart.


While Nicholas Linnear is the main protagonist, there are other, supporting protagonists and antagonists that all play their roles well. This situation actually helps him find his center again. In fact, it’s really well established that The Hero’s Big Problem in fighting The Villain is going to be other people getting in his way. While wrestling with his mid-life crisis, his friends and acquaintances get bumped off by a mysterious black-clad assassin and there are no prizes for guessing what he is.

Lustvader is the masterpiece of its kind, entirely unique in my experience. Retrieved from ” https: Why I don’t read more modern fiction? Though to use either term in describing this incredibly juvenile masturbatory fantasy is an offense to books and stories everywhere. Return to Book Page. Dialogue is just exposition; it doesn’t matter who’s mouth it is. So why did I even sit and read this and why am I writing about it here? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Sort of like I’d apologize for using six different words that, in lutbader, encompass the idea of “ki” or “chi” or the concept of spiritual awareness, especially one that is from a 19th century European philosopher and really doesn’t fit, even when I didn’t use the one that would really fit, like “chi”.

Good character actions during dialogue moments, too.

When the book begins, Nicholas Linnear is about to quit his job and completely give up the life he had made for himself in this country. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Saigo, meanwhile, devolves into an urban monster, frequenting a brothel where he victimizes young ban and sinking further into an opiate drug habit that somehow aids his almost sorcerer-like powers. Meanwhile, there is a ni The Ninja 1: But of course there are those who can see both sides, and find their soul called to the other culture.


The Ninja | Eric Van Lustbader

The books that people don’t really even want to admit to reading, let alone enjoying. I should have thrown my copy at the wall immediately upon reading “East meets West inside me like swirling currents and there is a kind of tug of war. Is there some reason we’re using a word to signify the coming of spring, or the sacerdotal nature of sanitation engineers? In hindsight, Revenge might have been solely greenlit and rushed into production based on the Lustbader book being in development across town.

I am not a huge fan of ninia sex scenes in books or anywhere else for that matter. I sat in on a lot of the pre-production meetings, all of which were a disaster.

That said, I did enjoy the book enough to want to travel down memory lane again and read one or two more Lustbader novels that I recall enjoying in my youth. Searching for direction, he meets a striking beauty named Justine, niinja just as he is beginning to fall in love, something chilling draws him back into his past: What about Japanese or other Asian actors?

There are two more books available for the Kindle. It is a fascinating novel with the action scenes full of detail of the martial arts technique and the damage caused.