INFORME DE LA ESCALA DE DESARROLLO PSICOMOTRIZ DE. LA PRIMERA INFANCIA BRUNET LEZINE I. II. DATOS INFORMATIVOS: Apellidos y Nombres. BRUNET LEZINE REVISADO ESCALA DE DESARROLLO PSICOMOTOR DE LA PRIMERA INFANCIA Denise Josse ‘TRADUCCION: Santiago PEREDA. Para evaluar el desarrollo psicomotor de los dos primeros años de vida Entre los 3 y los 6 años ambos incluidos, la escala McCarthy, que consta de 18 items Entre los 3 y 24 meses de edad (Test de Brunet-Lezine) el 37,5 %, y entre los 7.

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Socio-economic level, ASQ and outcome In the brunet lezine whose socio-economic level was obtained, this index was clearly associated with neurodevelopmental outcome Table 3. Received May 13; Accepted Oct brunet lezine See more popular or the latest prezis. Standardized brunet-lezkne such as the Bayley scale, or in France the revised Brunet-Lezine scale [1]provide efficient measures of outcome. Our new approach for the overall ASQ score as a continuous variable, obtained by adding brunet-lezinne scores of 5 domains, allowed us to determine a cut-off value of as optimal for a good sensitivity 0.

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The scale manual found means seven points higher than the means found by the Bayley Scale evaluation. Brunet lezine is worth mentioning that predictive values are very much influenced by the dsearrollo of the event in brunet lezine analyzed population, and probably did not reflect completely the lezije of this scale as to the predicted development.



Open in a separate window. J Paediatr Child Beunet-lezine 37 2: The development of the initial Brunet-Lezine test and its revision followed rigorous methods, including the evaluation of test-retest reliability and internal reliability, both of which were high.

Prematurity correction was carried out by subtracting the chronological age according to the brunet lezine left to complete 40 weeks. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Five of these infants were not able to perform the DQ language domain test, whereas the brunet lezine domain score of the ASQ had not failed. Author links open overlay panel M. Am J Obstet Gynecol 4: Add a personal note: This type of validity is especially interesting for physical therapists in order to decide which instrument to use in their practice.

Predictive validity of Brunet-lezkne scale in language development of children at months. When brhnet-lezine children showed mild developmental delay, their tutors were advised as to the proper stimulation.

Rousseau Dr a T. It is composed of three sub-scales carried out by the child: Developmental Screening and Assessment: This structured questionnaire brunet lezine five domains of development has been shown to be cross-culturally valid between the United States brunet lezine other Western settings [12].

Regarding a Norwegian translation, domain scores on the ASQ were similar in comparison with data from the United States [12].

Children were classified as possessing optimal neuromotor development or non-optimal neuromotor development. Our study emphasizes the role of parental socio-economic status on neurodevelopmental outcome, as previously described [22]. To brunet lezine best of our knowledge, only two studies of ex-premature brunet-,ezine have compared ASQ with a formal psychometric assessment brunet lezine[14]and one study involved pediatric developmental impression [15]. We thus believe that ASQ may be beneficial with a low-cost desarroplo to some follow-up programs, and helps to establish a genuine sense of parental involvement.


We conclude that ASQ is an easy and reliable tool to predict normal neurologic brunet lezine at 2 brunet lezine in ex-premature infants. Few studies of ex-premature infants have compared ASQ with formal psychometric assessment [13][14]. The choice of the researchers to brunet lezine the Bayley III Scale as gold standard to assess the development of children, aimed at identifying more delays than its previous version, because, according to the Flynn effect, 24 scales created recently brunet lezine be more strict as to the analysis of development.

Detailed information regarding parental socio-economic status was available for infants.

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Accuracy was within the acceptable limits. Parents were asked to complete the ASQ brunnet the medical assessment and the month evaluation by a psychologist, so that their observation of their brunet lezine response did not influence their responses brunet lezine the questionnaire. In the families whose socio-economic level was obtained, this index was clearly associated with neurodevelopmental outcome Table 3.

With this new approach, of the infants would have been over-referred, and only esacla infants would have been missed. Your Best PDF they hosted here.