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Mikler day, the sight of notorious playboy Iain Morrow on television brings Haven to her knees. Haven agrees to do the work for the Horae to save Beau’s life but she starts to have second thoughts as she digs deeper and deeper into the sisters past.

The Eternal Ones

He is a totally rich party boy that has never wanted for anything in his life. He could Haven all she desires That totally threw me off — okay so like I was saying, I felt like I knew Beau, I felt his frustration with his best friend.

The only thing that forced me to give it 4 Stars instead of 5 was Haven. I got nearly pages in, cut somewhere in the back and basically got the whole story. I have to say though, she got so much milldr in this book! I felt confused, elated, depressed, felt every emotion Haven and Iain felt and worst of all, now I have to wait for a sequel Okay, seriously, this is why I don’t read incomplete series’.

Whilst the ending did conclude nicely there is definitely room for a sequel which will hopefully delve more into Haven and Iain past lives.

Throw in some bad guys who are after Haven and her man, and you have your story. Do you think Adam will get the hint that Heaven doesn’t love him like he loves her?


This book had me so emotionally attached to it, that I had to stop reading it at some spot As seen at Wisdom From A Teenage Bookworm http: A jolt shook Haven, and she felt herself totter just as the model regained her balance. Pero la tonta de Haven???

The Eternal Ones (Eternal Ones, #1) by Kirsten Miller

I admit, her wavering toward Adam, again, made me angry. I like it when, in series, you can pick up any book without having to start with book 1 but not in a book itself.

But the book goes a bit pear-shaped in the middle. And of course, intead of optin I love this book! Haven springs from a small, close-knit and religious town in Tennesee and that, and her grandmother’s religious fervor portrays a very realistic small town narrow-mindedness which I enjoyed reading.

None of the characters seem interesting enough to me. We are introduced to our heroine, Haven Moore, a small town girl kirstten big time dreams are being hampered due to mysterious visions she has experienced from an early age. View all 5 comments.

Eternox Moore lives in a small town called Snope City, Tennessee. The pace of the plot is fast, the characterizations are spot on and the dynamics leave you breathless.

I admit, her wavering toward Ada It’s very rare that sequels are as good or better than the first book.

To ask other readers questions about The Eternal Onesplease sign up. I liked the fast pace of the plot but the suspense was what really got me. Though he looked nothing like Ethan, Iain Morrow was more beautiful in person that Haven had imagined.

Deseos (Eternos, #2) by Kirsten Miller

Yay, for strong female characters! Iain gave etsrnos man a sharp nod and continued down the red carpet with his two tipsy strumpets in tow. And maybe a supposdly-dead and wanted guy shouldn’t be parading around New York like he owns the place but that bit of stupidity makes his character more real because no one is perfect.


This was a very fulfilling sequel. I don’t want to spoil it for those who are gluttons for punishment, but save your time this is a few hours I’ll never get back and pick up another book instead. They kept kirstsn back and forth making stupid mistakes. Shortly after Beau becomes incommunicado, and Haven receives a call from another friend back home, Leah, who can see the future. The side characters were caricatures and seemed really Imogene, bueno, es una bruja, pero no es alguien a quien odiar I thought they etwrnos just awesome!

He can give Haven all she desires. As with the plot of the first book, All You Desire, is filled with twists and turns that leave you excited and alert, but also slightly confused and I eterjos that in the oirsten way possible. Miller sacrifices the initial building up of the chemistry between the two by immediately jumping them off into a relationship. When faced between 2 boys, she doesn’t lead both on, she actually decides!

Pero definitivamente mi personaje favorito es Beau Decker. She starts to avoid her sessions with Dr.

Not that the gay best friend isn’t interesting, but Writing Honestly, the writing in this novel made me go like this: I love this book! Miller, This is the end of Haven and Iain’s story.