Extron MPX Plus A. The Industry’s First AV Matrix with Professional DSP. The Extron MPX Plus A ProDSP™ Media Presentation Matrix Switcher is a. Find great deals for Extron MPX a Media Presentation Matrix Switcher. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Extron MPXA, , Presentation Matrix Switcher, AC Power Extron MPXA,

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Extron ProDSP is loaded with powerful tools to control level, dynamics, filters, delay, ducking, loudness, and feedback suppression. The MPX Plus A is a complete, one-box solution that eliminates the need for outboard audio DSP equipment when integrating video and audio in a wide range of common AV presentation applications.

Offer Extron MPX A Media Presentation Matrix Switchers

Low latency processing keeps audio in sync with video, and prevents distractions to the presenter resulting from delayed live audio. It enables complete setup and configuration of digital audio processing tools on the ProDSP platform, as well as routing and audio mixing.


This allows a designer or installer to quickly view an audio or video configuration without having to access multiple windows or menus. Using only the keyboard for software access can help expedite audio system setup and 866s while on-site using laptop PCs.

Horizontal and vertical sync information is transmitted to the user through the serial or Ethernet ports. The new sync signals precede the RGB signals, so there is no glitch on screen during the transition.

Selectable 48 volt phantom power for each input allows the use of condenser microphones.

Extron Introduces MPX 866 A Media Presentation Matrix Switcher

Buttons can be custom labeled for easy identification and illuminate red, green, or amber, depending on function, for ease of use in low-light environments. The default is -0 dB, volume level Width excludes rack ears. MPX Plus A: Up to 4 S-video and 2 composite video or 6 composite video.

External sync genlock, S-video or c omposite video. Input type VGA group. Output type VGA group. Standards S-video and composite video groups.


Positive or negative follows input. Full attenuation is volume level 0, dB. Serial host control port. Baud rate and protocol.

Serial control pin configurations. Ethernet host control port. Up to simultaneous sessions 7. Convection, vents on left and right sides. MPX Plus A.