The flamenco guitar tremolo technique is done slightly differently than the traditional p-a-m-i classical guitar tremolo, in a sense that the traditional flamenco . This is a Classical/Flamenco tremolo forum at strike with the thumb. Ok, let me post a little exercise that helped me learn. The tremolo is a beautiful techniques of the classical guitar: it gives the . exercises is to perform a chromatic scale by applying the tremolo.

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Guitar Tremolo Picking Exercises

Flamenck computer programs can be found that will slow down the playback of music without changing the pitch. Increasing the speed too much too soon usually results in practicing the tremolo unevenly or with poor technique large finger or thumb movements, fingernail clicks, poor thumb preparation, etc. It ezercises to be natural without having to count but it’s more real. Each finger stroke pulls the next finger immediately into position.

Using or not fingernails is a very subjective matter. If your fingers make large follow through motions or begin their stokes far from the string or high above the string, you are asking for trouble.

I’m trying to find exercides how long it takes to get a good steady flow of tremolo going with confidence on at least four strings. Do not skip over this step.


Then practice your tremolo exercises. Be sure to watch the video on full screen. If you don’t see a video, refresh your browser. The thumb plays in a similar fashion.

Read my article for a detailed explanation of how to practice the patterns. It can be played at a variety of speeds. Planting may be done in three ways:.

Slur exercises, Slur studies. I’m going to play the notes of the A minor scale, up and down the fifth string. That is why I have listed several strategies to try.


If the thumb relaxes after plucking the third string it will fall to a position around the first string which puts it totally out of position exercuses pluck the sixth string.

If your picking speed is fast enough to do this, a lot of other things become easier, too. For example, an experienced musician as Pepe Romero can playing Recuerdos de la Alhambra with a accompanying line more tremool than the melody:.

For example, an experienced musician as Pepe Romero can playing Recuerdos de la Alhambra with a accompanying line more marked than the melody: Now I’m beginning to understand.

The tremolo technique: how to improve it?

Play the thumb stroke with minimal follow through. For example, another version of Recuerdos de la Alhambra played by Narciso Yepes, places a particular emphasis on execution speed, with results that have generated conflicting opinions in the community of guitarists like all performance Yepes, howeverbut which I think perfectly reproduces the the sound idea behind this technique. If you wish, you may download the PDF versions with embedded videos.


Most guitarists use thumb free stroke. In some of the examples I’ve given on this page, you will play tremolo notes that move from one string to the next. I use a little mental trick to help me execute this technique.

Here are some tips to help you learn to play a good tremolo once and for all.

Keep track of your speeds. Be sure your thumb positions itself very low above the strings. Everything is understood completely. Tremopo make a copy of your comments to have with me when I practice.

You should be shot. I have a minor case of focal dystonia that causes me some problem with my flamebco finger, and I’m trying to figure out if I will ever do tremolo correctly.