This page contains the US Army Field Manual on The Infantry Battalion. FM INFANTRY FIELD MANUAL. RIFLE BATTALION. This manual, together with FM , June 2, and FM 7 May , supersedes FM Topics enemy, battalion, commander, operations, infantry, force, combat, support, units, Identifier milmanual-fmthe-infantry-battalion.

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Sign In Sign Out. Attack helicopters may also maneuver against the enemy and are most effective against enemy armored formations.

It is offensively oriented so commanders may go to the offense as soon as possible. The second component includes all actions taken to keep soldiers healthy and maintain their fighting morale, and to diminish the impact of severe weather.

The battalion commander controls by being on the battlefield where he can see, feel, and command the battle. Passage of Command It involves maneuver at all levels and tries to use the full potential of US forces.

FM 7 20 The Infantry Battalion

The AirLand Battle is the doctrinal basis for meeting these challenges. Organic TOW systems provide the battalion with a long-range antiarmor capability. Locations and Types of Obstacles The S2 also prepares the collection plan designed to support the staff-developed decision-support template.

Such operations rarely maintain a linear character. Completion of Plan This is possible when he gives subordinate leaders mission-type orders and allows them–within the scope of his intent–to exercise initiative. FM states that success on the modern battlefield depends on commanders at all levels understanding and implementing the basic tenets of AirLand Battle doctrine: It measures the effect created by combining maneuver, firepower, protection, and leadership in combat actions against an enemy.


Defense of a Sector Thermal sights permit them to fight during limited visibility almost as well as in good visibility. Command and Control The S2 is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information about the enemy and the area of interest.

FM 7-20 The Infantry Battalion

Approach March Technique Battalion Logistical Estimate Clothing Exchange and Bath Services Understanding and using a common doctrine and military language enhances synchronization. Role of IPB Exchange of Equipment Soldiers must be constantly alert for and avoid situations that may result in injury or death.

Integration of Combat Support Enter Your Email Address. Infantry forces can operate effectively in low-intensity, mid-intensity, or high-intensity batralion and in most terrain and weather conditions.

FM The Infantry Battalion – Chptr 1 Introduction

The FSO helps the commander plan and coordinate fire support assets. To do this without jeopardizing the higher plan requires that the commander understand and work within the intent of the commander two levels up.

Conduct of a Withdrawal His subordinate commanders and soldiers must know he is on the battlefield. Conduct of a Rearward Passage When properly employed, it can defeat enemy armored vehicles from close ranges.

FM The Infantry Battalion – Table of Contents

If necessary, the battalion can use organic direct-fire systems to defend itself from air attack. In battle, they must lead their units from the front. The first includes all actions taken to make the friendly unit hard to find or destroy. The fundamental combat mission of the infantry battalion, regardless of the type of battalion, is to close with the enemy by means of fire and maneuver to destroy or capture him or to repel his assaults by fire, close combat, and counterattack.


Laundry and Renovation All other assets support the maneuver elements.

Receipt of Mission Enter Your Email Address. This is the ability to think and act faster than the enemy. However, the infantry battalion’s main air defense asset is a passive measure: Security and Deception Support of the Defense The senior engineer bttalion leader advises the battalion commander on employing his engineer assets.

Categories of Maintenance Soldiers should be committed only when firepower alone is insufficient to accomplish the mission. The infantry battalion has no organic, dedicated, air defense weapons. Using SOPs enables the commander to rapidly employ assets and to seize tactical opportunities without lengthy explanations and orders.

Combat power includes the numbers of weapons systems and soldiers; the unit’s state of training, cohesion, discipline, and morale; and the leader’s and soldiers’ tenacity, competence, and boldness.