The author of this book is available for helping with DocBook or other XML publishing projects. Installing FOP · Using FOP · Using other XSL-FO processors. Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text To output to PDF, tell FOP to register your fonts with your file. And since my entire DocBook chain was built from open source, I had to use Apache FOP. Apache FOP has a long history. For some reason, it.

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Linux users can also download a gzipped tar file. Using stylesheet parameters Parameters on the command line Parameters in a file Chapter 7. I am using the directory structure he created as well as sample files, with little modifications. The commercial processors are assumed to provide their own documentation and support, so installation instructions for commercial processors are not provided in this book. Creating user manuals for the software you are building is an important task.

Ofcourse you will have to change manual. If you are using XEP, then set the xep. After playing fore the most part of the day with DocBook and various utilities I decided to write it down for future reference.

For some reason, it seems impossible to ever arrive at a version 1. FOP is more feature complete for example, callouts are processed inside literal layouts and arguably produces nicer looking output.

DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide

You probably want the binary doccbook rather than the source version. The value you use should be less than the installed memory on the system, and should odcbook enough memory for other processes that may be running. FOP will convert a. You should never turn on the extensions for a processor you are not using, or you will likely get a lot of error messages from the XSL-FO processor that does not understand the extra code.


docboom These are useful for automated batch processing of many documents, so you do not have to open them one at a time in a graphical interface. AsciiDoc dblatex configuration files.

DocBook, FOP and Fonts — Xebia Blog

A wide range of user output format requirements coupled with a choice of available tools and stylesheets results in many valid tool chain combinations. Program listings Formatting listings Tab expansion Fitting text Full-width examples Reducing font size Breaking long lines External code files Missing text Using XInclude for text inclusions Annotating program listings Line annotations Line numbering Callouts Callouts on imported text Callouts on graphics Syntax highlighting Chapter However, if you are using Apache FOP, then simply referencing alternative fonts is not going to get you anywhere.

This should be enough to make the plugin aware of the existence of this font, and to have a way resolve its name to the required meta data. I will not go into details on validating DocBoox syntax, but it is recommended that you validate your files because I guess it is faster than invoking Apache FOP to generate you PDF and realising that somewhere at the end of your documentation there is a syntax error.

You can change what the message says in a customization layeror you could define it as an empty template there to turn off the message entirely. With this in place, making the plugin use this font is pretty easy. Glossaries Glossary formatting Glossary formatting in print Linking to a glossary entry What about link and xref?

  ENA EG1 2006 PDF

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP

If you are using Antenna House’s product, then set the axf. Docobok Antenna House, the extension is an attribute named axf: If the DocBook lang attribute is set then things like table of contents, figure and table captions and admonition captions will be output in the specified language setting the AsciiDoc lang attribute sets the DocBook lang attribute.

Accented characters are replaced with hashes if you do not use a font that supports multi-byte characters. You will most likely want to process bitmap graphics in your document. Not all extension functions in each product are used by the DocBook stylesheets.

DocBook Consulting Services cop. FOP has built-in support for some graphics formats, but some popular formats such as PNG are not supported natively. Last weekend I realized that — although the Maven Docbkx Plugin supports something like that — it is probably one of its best kept secrets. This file is not used directly but is included in all the following drivers.

DocBook, FOP and Fonts

Take a look ad DocBook samples he provides. Lists List titles List spacing List vertical spacing List horizontal spacing itemizedlist options Different bullet symbol Print properties for itemizedlist orderedlist options Different numbering style Number continuation List starting number Print properties for orderedlist variablelist options Multiple term elements Variable list formatting in print Variable list formatting in HTML simplelist options Chapter Provides the support library for SVG graphics.

In XEP, the extension element is rx: Special DocBook features Chapter