User review from PowerGlove about Fostex DC-R Much better than it’s reputation. Buy Fostex DC-R Professional 3-Channel Portable Audio Mixer/Stereo Recorder: CompactFlash Recorders – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on. Thank you very much for purchasing the Fostex. DC-R portable recorder. To ensure the best performance, read this manual thoroughly before using the unit.

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Much better than it’s reputation – Reviews Fostex DC-R – Audiofanzine

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Rated 5 out of 5 by Raymond T. The big button is — you guessed it — the record button. Truly an amazing product.

DC-R : DSLR Mixer/Recorder

So of course since its release there is the DR60 and especially the Zoom H6, but I think the philosophy of the product is not the same on these products digital knobs, digital limiters, ergonomics curious far from a mixer Then the weaknesses that I found: On the mixer side, it handled phantom and powered mics fine. Perfect for 2 channels though! The knob-level headphone -The output jack to send in a dslr.

Second, recording only in stereo but with three inputs was an odd design choice and forces on-the-spot forever choices regarding input groupings, instead of having flexibility in post. AC adapter or equivalent, rated range DC9 to 24V.

Unlike Tascam, you have no option, everything fosstex very basic, but it is functional and it works very well The XLR output data is missing to make it a more pro product. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Rated 4 out of 5 by Ariel N from I fell in love with it Easy to use, professional, quality material, small but good quality sound and buttons.


I have to say this thing is dc-3r02, quiet and definitely a piece of gear that will outlast my camera. The preamp is excellent, with real analog knobs and phantom power supply for input.

Fostex Dc-r302 3-channel Audio Mixer and Stereo Recorder

It’s great that you can control 3 channels independently live but what I don’t like is that it doesn’t save as 3 separate channels. This Fostex seemed like it would combine the best of a mixer and recorder into one unit. The DC-R is rugged, simple to use, offers great mic pres and has every little option one might need, with a few drawbacks.

Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and opens up artistic options fosrex the field. Auto-analog limiter on input, which is a real plus in my opinion. When using an audio device separate from the camera, it’s paramount to slate your audio. With its onboard line-mixer and rugged, extruded aluminum chassis the DC-R is an ideal solution for field recording. The DC offers easy-to-read meters, separate gain pots and a slew of monitoring options.

This output jack can also be used to initiate recording, but you have hacked a cable. How to Set up for a Green Screen Shoot.


Rated 4 out of 5 by musicwumusic from Very well designed except for one thing. Enter the new Fostex DC-R Well I love it! Like the other guy said, for some reason it hasn’t had as much attention as dc-rr302 deserves. We chose to pan both of the lavs to the left channel and the shotgun to the right.

Recording pristine quality stereo audio direct to SD cards, the DC-R not only allows DSLRs to be easily used in field production applications, it also simplifies the capturing process allowing the camera operator to operate the recorder and camera at the same time. Each input features very quiet pres and allows recording at line level, low, medium or high XLR input.

Uses infra-red or wired connection 3 x tripod screw holes on unit base for mounting on various camera rigs. The next test was using it as a USB device recording directly into a computer. One thing to note is that if you want the DC-R to run off anything besides batteries, the optional DC power will need to be purchased separately. Overall, this simple box weighs a little more than 1.

Plenty of 1hr to 2hr shows, some documentary, wedding, commercial, short films you name dc-g302. DSLRs are notorious for offering weak audio recording options.

Read the specs and reviews. However, this step is often easy to forget. It exports 1 stereo.