Download FOSTEX R8 SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Downloads. instruction/owners manual English – Grey65 · service manual English – Grey Fostex Open Reel Tape Decks. Fostex G16 G16 · Fostex G24 · G Fostex R8 Repair •• (formerly rehearsal room machine) . MMC ID 19 recommended by MOTU in the MIDI interface manual, but to no avail.

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It’s a very cool machine.

I has few ideas about how to implement long cord for the control unit, as it’s pretty hard to find that special Fostex extension cable.

So the bonds on the pulleys hold well so far.

service manual for fostex R8 needed (Hitsquad)

Also it has a pretty unique pin connector. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Thank you so much. In any case, if anybody needs the info about the pins jack and where the wires go The time now is Those pulleys are an unfortunate weak-point on these machines.

Went through fixing a very popular problem with R8 – cracked plastic pulleys Originally Posted by sweetbeats. Just curious as to the options. I’ll put this info out on the mahual too when ever I get time. Knowledge is calculable, Ignorance has no limits.


service manual for fostex R8 needed

I’m looking to get an R8 and the info you have will be invaluable. I was also tracing the wires from the control unit jack to the control board and got it all figured.

But that’s how I do most of “repair”but I can’t recommend this to anybody I’m not a “certified specialist” and ain’t got no licence no permit granted from the agency Originally Posted by miroslav. I remember a thread some time back about somebody working through getting this fixed and I think they finally got it but how many more are out there? Enter your search terms Submit search form.

Too damn bad that it’s not built of solid heavy metal Rep points on the way!


Results 1 to 10 of Thanks so much for that site man!!!! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I have no clue about options I’d guess if you find or can custom order a flat rubber belt of the same size you’ll be OK. If you have a specialty electronics shop in your vicinity that stocks VCR belts you might find something there, or check wwith someplace like Parts Express And they have some neat, unique and handy features.


Fostex R8 belt replacing I fixed couple reel-to-reel machines, few servjce decks and even couple cd-players simply by going through my junk box and finding a belt that fits. I really have no clues though.

Once again the good Doc has outdone himself. So if the capstan belt starts slipping, what does one do?

Fostex R8 Service Manual

Kudos to you for putting some needed attention and support to these machines and their users. All times are GMT Have servic third party company create a new belt from the same specs? The Fostex machines seem to live in the shadows a bit which is too bad, and I think a lot of it is simply related to parts availability and user community support.

OK, guys, I was spinning the machine today, Also had to tighten up the brakes a bit. I have an electronics shop near me with a whole isle of the things and someday I mean to take a couple belts there and see if I can find a match. If it’ll fail some day I’ll sure let you know and then will have to try something different