Drug Doses 17th Ed Frank Shann. $ $ Product details. ISBN: Edition: Format: Paperback Category: In Stock Now. Drug Doses Frank Shann 17th Edition doses-frank-shannth-edition/. Frank Shann of the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital at 10mcg/kg/wk (adult mg) in doses, incr if reqd monthly by 10mcg/kg/wk to.

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Dissolve granules in ml water. Description Additional Information Reviews 0 Product Description Carry 30 years of pharmaceutical knowledge condensed in your coat pocket Ideal for all levels of medical personnel Lists drug doses for Paeds and adults Excellent resource in conjunction with the SAMF 12th Edition Competitive pricing adds value for dosess.

Department of General Medicine : Emergency drug dose calculator

CodeBlue helps rdug with the math while you are leading a code! There is no subscription to this extra feature, so you will only have to buy it once. Doses have been rounded where sensible to do so, and minimum and maximum doses applied to some drugs.

Propofol is based on approximately: App content itself rates five stars. This way, you don’t have to xoses DrugDoses every time you want to calculate the proper doses for your patients.

DrugDoses also integrates PedCalc. This update brings you the latest drugs updates, as well as the following items: However, if you already have the separate app, it frannk unfortunately not entitle you to get this in-app version.


Reviews There are no reviews yet. Use the weight closest to the patient’s if you know it, otherwise select the patient’s age.

For Morphine, Fentanyl, Ddug and Propofol it is important to titrate the dose for its desired effect. IM painful or shannn IV beware hypotension: Drug doses Drugs beginning with C. See colistin sulfomethate sodium. Note higher dose in adults. Severe inftncystic fibrosis: In the iTunes description, we do indeed state that the app comes with a two-year free update period, after which users will have to purchase a lifetime license. Be verycautious of hypotension in sick children and respiratory depression if not ventilated.

Frank Shann Drug Doses, 2017 Edition

Eczema, juvenile arthritis, nephroticsyndrome, psoriasis: I’ve done my best to ensure this information is accurate but it is your responsibility to verify doses etc before using the card.

This new version contains the latest update of the drugs database. PICU Guidelines is fully searchable, and will save your personal notes, as well as give you the possibility to sen them to colleagues.

You have asked for it, we have done it! It is not a recipe book -it is important that you think carefully if “standard” doses of drugs are appropriate for any individual patient, especially acutely unstable ones. For minimum systolic blood pressure, and heart and respiratory rate – look at trends as well as absolute numbers.

Emergency drug dose calculator. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Thanks so much for your initiative and contribution to all of us.


Admin crew looking after it rates one star. Information Seller Oliver Karam. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Term 3.

It contains the most common pediatric scores and formulas: DrugDoses now contains more than entries. Colfosceril palmitate Exosurf Neonatal.

Drug doses (drugs beginning with C)

I am delighted to have it on my iPhone. Usual target trough levels by Abbott TDx monoclonal specific assay x 2. Check bowel sounds present. The algorithm comes from the Australian Resuscitation Council http: Thank you for this feedback. Rescue starting up to 24hr after methotrexate: This system is designed to be a readily available guide to acceptable physiological variables, endotracheal tube sizes and positions, and to doses frak drugs and other therapies.

Users who have the booklet must buy a new one every two to three years. For Morphine, Fentanyl, and Thiopentone, it is important to titrate the dose for its desired effect.

However, it does not include diagnostic agents, nor does it list drug side effects, the indications for their use, or dosage modifications for renal or hepatic failure. Doses may need to be modified if drugs are used in combination.

Carob bean gum Carobel Instant. Updated the drug database to Frank Shann’s 17th edition of the booklet March