This Firmware was successfully uploaded to a „Fritzbox Fon FRITZ!Box running as LAMP-server (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Site-to-Site VPN mit & “Labor”-Firmware In den (dürftigen) Anleitungen von AVM gibt es die Settings für Watchguard, Cisco, Netgear+ Lancom.

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Next this image will be installed at your box. Creating and testing some PHP-scripts will conclude this tutorial.

Anleitung zur Konfiguration der Fritz!Box 7170

For most of these steps you do need a working Internet connection. Box or any service interruptions.

I decided to build Freetz in a virtual machine running in VirtualBox, but you can build Freetz also at a native Linux-system. The virtual network interface card is configured in bridged mode and the IP-settings are obtained from your router by DHCP.

Manuals for FRITZ!Box | AVM International

Make sure your router is configured as DHCP-server. Build your Freetz based image Checkout Freetz svn co http: Exit — Do you wish to save your new configuration? Box during these steps! Box using a browser: Point your browser to: Box is not blinking any more. Box using your vritzbox Click it to check the firmware version: Box image with built-in Freetz webinterface and chroot-support at this moment! Now you are ready to create your Debian based ableitung.


In my case this was: Format USB-stick as Ext3: Box port 80 Find where USB-stick is mounted: We will only allow database connections from localhost so this is safe enough. Installation of Apache2 will fail because port 80 is in use already.

Later we will configure Apache so it will run at another port. Installation of MySQL will fail because of firtzbox problems. So for now, ignore these errors and just continue the installation. Do this by editing the file ar7.

OpenWrt Project: Techdata: AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN

You also have to fine tune your configuration number of running Apache servers, memory, security. Unfortunately these things are out of scope of this article. Box running a 2. For older boxes kernel 2.

Site-to-Site VPN mit Fritz.Box 7170 & “Labor”-Firmware

Box, you can use a to the box connected phone and dial: Capture network traffic in Wireshark format: Box tuning part 1: I have 3 running and none failed in the last 10 years. After flashing the firmware you can login to the alternative web interface via: Reading assistance Watch out, we use different environments to accomplish our goals.


Debian based workstation Freetz virtual machine, which is started at a Linux or MS Windows host using VirtualBox and can also be used as Debian based workstation. Box, started within telnet session Configure your Freetz-build-environment I decided to build Freetz in a virtual machine running in VirtualBox, but you can build Freetz also at a native Linux-system.

Download the freetz-linux VirtualBox image from: