Principles of International Criminal Law has become one of the most influential textbooks in the field of international criminal justice. It offers a systematic and. During the last decade international criminal law has developed rapidly. Gerhard Werle deals with the general principles of international. Principles of International Criminal Law – Second Edition. Author: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Werle, Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin, Germany Order.

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G. Werle, Principles of International Criminal Law | Sergey Sayapin –

User Review – Flag as inappropriate Prosecutor v. Cassese, International 5th edn. Download more information Werle 2nd Preface.

Submitting a Proposal Your Contacts. Fawcett Request an Inspection Copy. Click here to oof up. Employing Prohibited Methods of Warfare Fundamental issues, such as the evolution, sources werlw enforcement of international criminal law are included. Crimes Against Humanity Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Two of the three series of synthetic but efficient passages, the books under review, all concerning the inter- evolution that the laws of war are currently national law of armed conflict, are written in gerhadr concerning the diminishing gap English, while werld handbook by Natalino between the law applicable in international Ronzitti is in Italian.

Summing up the main approaches towards Nor is there any mention, just to give another elements of crimes in international criminal example, of the current investigations by the law, the author concludes that, unlike in ibternational ICC into crimes against peacekeepers, identi- tic criminal law systems, international crimes fied by the ICC Prosecutor as one of the promi- have three elements under international crim- nent features of the current situation in Darfur.


Werle 2nd Preface 1st ed. Gerhard Werle deals with the general principles of international criminal law as well Principles of International Criminal Law has become one of the most influential textbooks in the field of international criminal justice. The specific elements of international crimes, which are considered in subsequent parts of the book, are further characterized from the point of view of these three elements Gerhard Werle, Principles of material, psychological and circumstantial.

Account Options Sign in. It offers a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the foundations and general principles of substantive international criminal law, including thorough discussion of its core crimes. Principles of International Criminal Law is one of the leading textbooks in the field. The third edition of one of the best-regarded works on international criminal cirminal, by two of the world’s experts in the field Provides a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of international criminal law and the core crimes it governs Offers an accessible overview for both students, legal practitioners, and judges working on cases concerning crimes, both at the international and domestic levels Builds on the previous editions’ philosophical and normative analysis of international criminal justice, and discusses new developments in the field, including recent case law from the International Criminal Court Assesses the compromise concerning the crime ihternational aggression in the ICC statute in the Kampala case.


This part, 1 See e. Account Options Sign in. Principles of International Criminal Lawfirst published four years ago, has become a leading textbook in the field.

During the last decade international criminal law has developed rapidly.

Principles of International Criminal Law

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Cedam, which at first sight might appear as outmoded Also available in hardbound: The focus of the first edition has been retained.

According numbered consecutively, which facilitates look- to the author, who is Professor of German and ing up the text through the table of contents International Criminal Law at the Alexander- and cross references. Higher Education Skip to main content. Official Capacity and Immunity It provides a detailed understanding of the general principles, sources, and evolution of international criminal law, demonstrating how it has developed, and how gerhar application has changed.

Oxford University Press- Law – pages. English, Italian law students and practitioners Ronzitti also devotes significant attention hailed the publication of the first edition of to the question of neutrality, whose rules the Italian-language handbook concerning the are distinguished on the basis of the nature of warfare air, land or naval warfare.