T. B. Gunning (–89), American dentist] n. A solid metal splint linking the mandible and maxilla together to provide fixation for a fractured mandible. A splint is. Undisplaced or minimally displaced fractures of the mandible in elderly patients are usually treated by closed reduction. Gunning-type splints or. Gunning splint is a prosthetic aid designed to stabilize the reduced fractured mandibular segments. It is a viable treatment option for atrophic edentulous.

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It is a viable treatment option for atrophic edentulous mandible fracture.

An improved Gunning splint.

However, the treatment options suitable for atrophic edentulous mandible fracture has been a matter of controversy. An unusual bilateral pathological fracture. Can be used in both dentulous and edentulous patients 3. Gunning splint, Edentulous patient, Mandibular fracture, Intermaxillary guning.

The permanent left mandibular canine was indicated for extraction because ghnning poor periodontal status. On this altered cast, the record bases were fabricated and occlusal rims were made Fig 8. It is a minimally invasive technique Disadvantages: Ormand B An improved Gunning splint. It had mental band of linen to hold the jaw up in the splint.

J Cancer Res Ther ;6: Facial fractures and bone healing in the geriatric patient.

CD [ PubMed ]. J Yunning Dent It is a minimally invasive technique. There was history of spljnt four days back. Figure 1 Showing the lone standing tooth in mandibular arch. Temporary record bases were prepared with self polymerizing acrylic resin and occlusal rims were fabricated on them accommodating the single natural tooth present. Inadequately secured splints—if circummandibular wires placed too close to the fracture site.


These splints take form of modified dentures with bite block placed in posterior region and a space in incisal area to facilitate feeding. This was done to compensate for any discrepancy between the splint and the mandible and also to provide firm immobilization of mandibular segments [ 5 ].

Transmucosal fixation for edentulous mandible fracture using external fixation principle within oral cavity can be a conservative option. The arch bar was incorporated on buccal side of each splint within the modeling wax. A retrospective evaluation of 84 spllnt cases.

The mandibular canine was trimmed from the cast. J can dent assoc 69 7: For such condition, closed reduction and fixation of fractured segment with Gunning type splint is preferred over open reduction technique. These arch bars were used for intermaxillary fixation of the splints.

Due to decrease in bone height, it is not suitable for screwing and plating the fracture site. Intra-oral examination revealed that the left mandibular canine was the only tooth present in splinh mandibular arch while the maxillary arch was edentulous. One anterior opening was made in rims for feeding purpose and posteriorly interlocking mechanism was provided to avoid any movement between two splints Fig. Fractures of the atrophic mandible–our experience at Tel-Aviv Medical Center. Close reduction with Gunning splint is advantageous because, not only it preserves the periosteal blood supply, but also provides firm mandibular fixation and immobilization.

Moodie F Mr. The tissue side of mandibular splint was relined with low fusing impression compound. Prosthodontic procedure Impressions were made with irreversible hydrocolloid impression material and casts were poured with Type III gypsum product.

An improved Gunning splint.

J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; It holds together fractured segments of mandibular bone and immobilizes the jaws in occlusion. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Fractures of edentulous mandible are common in elderly persons. The complication rate of infection or malunion is higher compared splinf fractures in younger, dentulous patients.


Aziz SR, Najjar T. Bruce and Strachan advocated that open reduction be reserved for fractures of large edentulous mandible and not for atrophic mandible fracture. Then finishing and polishing of splints was carried out and they were disinfected in glutaraldehyde solution, During surgical procedure, first the maxillary splint was fixed with per-alveolar wiring. J Cancer Res Ther. New York, NY, Scienti? Management of the fractured edentulous atrophic mandible. Conclusion In almost all the selected and planned cases gunnning fractured atrophic edentulous mandible, a satisfactory union of the fractured segments can be obtained with Gunning type of splint.

Instructions were given regarding oral hygiene maintenance.

Gunbing impingements visible as blenching under clear acrylic were removed. Fracture line was extending till the base of the mandible in vertically favourable manner.

Published online Jun Use your account on the social network Facebook, to create a profile on BusinessPress. Advanced age as a contraindication to operation. ABSTRACT Treating edentulous mandibular splnt is difficult in elderly patients due to compromised medical condition of the patient and various contraindications for the surgical approach.

Closed reduction with Gunning Splint is adequate when aggressive surgical approach is contraindicated.