Hades’in Evi has ratings and reviews. Sariah the Authoress said: Disappointed.:(As of right now, my two-star review is about 0% of the r. Olimpos Kahramanlari 4- Hades’in Evi (Turkish Edition) [Rick Riordan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 2. Argo tayfasi en onemli. Buy OLİMPOS KAHRAMANLARI 4 HADESİN EVİ by Rick Riordan from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and.

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Let me start by saying I had read “HoH” when it first came out a couple of years ago. The only reason why I’m giving this book two stars is Percy and Annabeth.

Hades’in Evi

That is not okay. I was introduced to the Percy Jackson series about gadesin years ago. It’s impossible that a 5 book series has a plot where no main character dies! A river that heals them?

I can’t believe it’s her. Will I finish reading the series? Because that’s what it feels like. Granted I should have expected something like that due to the title and cover. I felt as if his POV was unnecessary. I get it though its not Riordan’s thing, and he writes for a younger audience, and like I said before 12 year old me was all gooey over Annabeth and Percy’s love and I’ll always be teamAP but I feel like their should be some sort of next level for them.

Don’t get me wrong – I liked the cliffhanger in the previous novel and was intrigued to continue. The pace and eiv development seemed off and the story lagged horribly in the middle.


It just gets confusing and annoying and there is alot of relationship talk at some points. Can we rename the series to Percy and Annabeth and friends?

In boredom, I decided to read House of Hades. Coach Hedge shouldn’t be in the plot at all.

However, I did not enjoy this particular instalment. I finished the book a few hours ago, and already I’m forgetting how they did it.

Sadly this book kinda broke my heart. I am genuinely starting to feel sorry for him. But then, in the middle, it is revealed that one of the central characters has had same-sex attractions since they first appeared in the series and the author makes it seem like it is ok to feel that way. I will TALK my way out of it. This book was alright, but it was disappointing. As with Billy Madison’s speech, anyone who looks at the community reviews of this book will simply come away dumber for having done it.

I personally extremely enjoyed the other 5 main characters, but in this series, Percy and Annabeth were becoming more and more annoying and harder to read.

Okay, okay, so Percy and Annabeth are cute adorable together. My kids still like them, so it works for them I guess and I thought they were Riordan’s target audience until this book. And the whole Nico thing?

Olimpos Kahramanlari 4- Hadesin Evi : Rick Riordan :

Once they got to the House of Hades, the whole thing started picking up speed and getting interesting. Now this itself seems like a great plot, however all the other “adventures” that happen in the evk time get to be annoying and just make the story go on for ages.


Granted, that may be his audience, but I think most 5th graders are capable of reading at a much higher level than they can write, and I think they deserve a good story written at a level that makes it a great story.

Thanks a lot, Goodreads. Plus, I feel like we needed the majority of HoH to be from the perspective of the Romans since we know so little about them I understand that And that’s why I’m giving this 2 stars. Now Riordan not only negates that persona, but makes Nico gay rather abruptly, applying a pretty faulty gay stereotype along with his reasoning.

Conflict of Analysis of The House of Hades. For a good example of how this can be done well check out The Gateway Chronicles by K. Nicole This book is phenomenal. Bummed not a lot of new stuff came up.

Her charmspeak sometimes works to varying degrees and she shoots food out of a cornucopia. By the bajillionth time, I was so over it.