An absorbing drama about what happens when one of the popular girls becomes the target of her former friends’ bullying. Summary Everyone knows that Chelsea Knot can’t keep a secret, until now. Because the last secret she shared turned her into a social. When Chelsea gets bullied for speaking out against some violent teens, she decides to take a vow of silence. Kidzworld reviews a book about bullying at its.

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Speechless : Hannah Harrington :

Saving June Kindle Hatrington. Chelsea was unlikeable in the beginning, but darn did she grow on me. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

All in all, the cast of suporting characters definitely had potential, but sometimes, they remained a little too far in the background for my tastes. But silence is hard to keep when everyone has their own versions on what happened and some choice-names to say about you behind your back and to your face. I’ll be watching your career closely Hannah, I know that someday you will be banned!

Sometimes skeptical, sometimes optimistic, sometimes weak, hananh strong. She spends a lot of the time after the incident not really learning from what has actually happened. Showing of reviews. If anything, Speechless is insanely readable, the harrongton flying by in what feels like haarrington instead of hours. They fail a test or don’t understand an assignment and say I’m not smart.

I can cut myself some slack sometimes. Sometimes rude, sometimes kind. On new years eve, everything changes for Chelsea. It was everything to me.

Someone innately good, while losing none of her defining fire; someone deserving of empathy, and her own story. Immediately, two jocks take off after Noah and his boyfriend and beat Noah to pulp at the local corner speeechless.


Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. Chelsea Knot loves to gossip. But Chelsea doesn’t always think about how the other people will accept this information. Talking without thinking and then regretting it afterwards – but mostly only because she herself had to suffer her inconsiderate actions?

I could say something completely cliche like “Speechless” left me speechless, but that’s rather inaccurate and hannsh be further from the truth. She and her best friend Kristen organise a New Year’s party, and Chelsea winds up publicly outing Noah, a gay student she finds with his boyfriend in one of the bedrooms.

So back to this book, it’s different in how it was executed to how the protagonist took things in. I know we all have. I loved them together, the effortlessness of how they fit despite the circumstances.

She became a much better person by just shutting her mouth and paying attention to the people and places around her. And, trust me, it’s really difficult. While a completely different novel from Saving June, Harrington’s amazing debut, fans will not be disappointed at all.

Although that didn’t mean I trusted her right away. In life sometimes it takes losing everything you think is important to realize what actually is.


If we allow it, we can all still be in high school, trapped and trying to find a way out of it by finally growing up. That’s the way I like it. Chelsea, she gives a whole new meaning to the silent treatment when she decide to take a vow of silence after her big mouth basically ruins her life – or at least that’s what she thinks.


Some people might find Chelsea off-putting but the pay off is in getting to know her and how she deals with not talking and by the end of the harrinvton I was her biggest fan. Not her literal voice, obviously, but just how real and smooth she felt as a protagonist. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

I’m a mother of a 16 yr old girl and after finishing this book all I keep sepechless about is how this should be a book gannah to read as an English assignment.

Andy’s story about Noah gave me scratchy throat number one and Chelsea’s parents gave me scratchy throat number two. I can’t imagine the resolve it would take to go as long as her without speaking. I didn’t love this book, but I liked it quite a lot. I love how it was efficiently carried thus helping the readers to completely relate and understand the repercussion of Chelsea’s actions as well as the other characters and how it had affected her. There is one of these kinds of people in ever high school.

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Who wants to be a virgin forever? She also has some great new friends that see the real her and are so kind and understanding.