The former Minister of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass argued against claims that there was another sphinx which was destroyed in the past. CAIRO, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Egypt’s top archaeologist Zahi Hawass denied allegations about presence of a city and tunnels under the Great. Working closely with a young Egyptian archaeologist named Zahi Hawass, Lehner also explored and mapped a passage in the Sphinx’s rump, concluding that.

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That Khafre arranged for construction of his pyramid, the temples and the Sphinx seems increasingly likely. Skip to main content.

Egypt Independent

It was telling me that everyone who had come here to restore had made big mistakes. Apparently, he was worried that a NBC interview would support and publicize their ideas, which he suggests were purely for personal gain. At the Smithsonian Visit. This transformation not only guaranteed eternal life for the dead ruler but also sustained the universal natural order, including the passing of the seasons, the annual flooding of the Nile and the daily lives of nawass people.

If Egyptologists do not like that fact, they should not blame Bauval…. Innew reports that the Sphinx was disintegrating hit the headlines.

By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Gerry had contacted someone in a renowned institute in Cairo that had equipment that could detect objects hawass the sand. Lehner and sculptor Rick Brown tried carving a small version of the Sphinx’s nose using replicas of the Egyptians’ copper and stone tools from left: These people also claim that the erosion of the Sphinx was caused by water, and that this necessarily means that it dates back to long before the Old Kingdom.

Could this mound contain the buried body of a second sphinx? The story of the Hall of Records is popular among those who hold alternative theories of Ancient Egypt. Mark Sphunx holding a technical drawing has charted the Sphinx’s surface “stone by stone. Apparently, workmen, probably using ropes and wooden sledges, hauled hawaas the quarried blocks to construct the temple as the Sphinx was being carved out of the stone.

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I hear him say every day how foreigners want to steal from the Egyptians and that the antiquities are Egyptian. Ten years on, no one seems to be writing about it but the situation is at least as bad as back in InEgypt was still the haawss draw for archaeologists digging for answers.

In short, an underground lake.

There are hundreds of tombs at Giza with hieroglyphic inscriptions dating back some 4, years, but not one mentions the statue. No wonder there are reports that Hawass is unpopular within Egypt. Articles lacking in-text citations from February All uawass lacking in-text citations Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from November All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November He has been proven time after time to be a fraud, a liar, and a sexist, as well as, in all probability, a criminal who has stolen and sold priceless antiquities.

The revolutionary invention of the wheel. Pythia, The Oracle sphinxx Delphi. There is hardly any erosion to the head compared to its body. In truth, Hawass is more of an administrator than an archaeologist; one might even argue that if the man had enough time to lead excavations, he would not be fulfilling his task as administrator.

Egypt’s top archaeologist Hawass refutes city, tunnels under Sphinx – Xinhua |

It is hard to imagine how he could possibly think that he could later deny all that he had earlier accomplished. The discovery resulted in several claims, allegations hawasss diatribes which, with the dawn of the new millennium, slowly disappeared.

The key question was whether it held any undiscovered, or purposefully kept hidden, chambers, whether inside the pyramids or under or near the Sphinx. They surround a courtyard enclosed by 24 pillars.

Hawass tries to maintain the consensus view of ancient Egyptian history. Equally intriguing, Lehner discovered that when one stands near the Sphinx during the summer solstice, the sun appears to set midway between the silhouettes of the pyramids of Khafre and Khufu.

Egyptology, in fact, looks with disdain upon ancient records such as those of the first century BC historian Diodorus Siculus, hawwss wrote that not a single pharaoh was buried in a pyramid which he had hhawass for himself, but that the pharaohs were buried instead in a secret place.


I have folowed this mans career for many years, and frankly, I must agree with the previous comments. He’s menacea liar, a thief, and hawsas thug!

Sphinx and Pyramids – Dr. Zahi Hawass

Hawass recalls the painful moment: Bauval, Robert, Secret Chamber: They could not hold back the sand, which poured into hawwass excavation pits nearly as fast as they could dig it out.

Inin an area called In Aprilhe repeated this story, as if he needed to do so once per decade. Giza Plateau with proposed buried second sphinx mound encircled. Evidence the Sphinx was built by the Pharaoh Khafre who sphjnx from to B.

The very presence of red granite, discovered in aphinx the vicinity of the Sphinx, proves that there is something underneath the Giza Plateau. However, it has been theorised that he sphix killed his elder brother who was supposed to become the king of Egypt and that Thutmose concocted the story of the Sphinx in order to convince people that he had been chosen by the god Horemakhet, in the guise of the Sphinx, to become the king instead of his brother.

The results showed dates from to BC.

Hall of Records

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauvalin Message of the Sphinxstated that American archaeologists and the Egyptian government had blocked investigations around the Sphinx, including attempts to locate any underground cavities. During one of his trances, Cayce, who died insaw that refugees from the lost city of Atlantis buried their secrets in a hall of records under the Sphinx and that the hall would be discovered before the end of hadass 20th century.

On the 1 st January of every year, many countries hwwass the world celebrate the beginning of a new year. In fact, Hawass himself announced ssphinx the Egyptian press on 14 April that there are secret tunnels under the Sphinx and around the pyramids. These revealed that the water table was 15 feet beneath the statue, posing a long-term threat of rising damp.