Egyptology must bear the exercise too, for we know in Ancient Egypt magic (” heka”) was the cornerstone of all major & minor state cults as well as being crucial. The magical word of Heka could mean several meanings to many people. Each of these meanings also signifies many faces of complex Egyptian magic and. In Egyptian magic, spells and conjurations are the most important aspects of a magical ritual. Spell casting is identifiable with a term called heka.

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The word ‘magic’ has in the Western world often been described as a form of non-religious practise, used for blasphemous, personal and limited ends.

The Magic of Heka: Ancient Egyptian Rituals That Have Crossed Cultures and Time

Walters Art Museum Many objects related to Heka magic were discovered in tombs. Demolishing is possible only if one restores later. The Greeks called it Hermopolis. Pharaoh brings perfection and what he does is discontinuous, unique, always new, forever rejuvenating.

Introduction to Heka – Egyptian Witchcraft

However, both overlap, for during the rituals the deities spoke and hence made use of Heka, whereas magical acts like making an amulet or talisman involved the help of the deities who through the priests uttered their “words of power” to initiate the magical effect of the operation To do this, he creates in himself an active, masculine action ahead cf. That he may cross on them to the horizon. In anthropology and psychology Piaget introduced: Although the distinction between pharaonic magic and popular sorcery stands, the division was less pronounced in practice.

When you look into living beings, heka is the inherent energy that is both aural and magical in nature. Early Egyptians also believed that the essential act of spitting is a symbolic gesture of being hostile or threatening towards the evil influences.

Although Nut consort of Geb is the goddess of the sacred sky the firmament as deityHathor resides in the sky.

These are just suggestions for further reading. His mother was alternately said to be Nebetu’u a form of Hathorlion-headed Menhitand mgic cow goddess Mehetweretbefore settling on Neitha war and mother goddess.


To be recited over the shawabti, which will maic made either of tamarisk or thorn wood. The grammar of ware design is used, allowing for the decentration of actions with regard to their material origin, for now myths could be recorded in schemata which could be objectified by later subjects. To pursue the art of heka, one needed literacy and a basic knowledge of numbers and one need not belong to the class of aristocracy or priesthood.

The feminine sacrality of the Great spoken Word was assimilated by the enduring divine power of word-images in stone. And Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it became a serpent. The extent with which this layeredness took shape here is rather pronounced.

This is the making of the Word in the mind ; on the basis of geka, authoritative commands are uttered by the tongue.

In our modern day the word ‘magic’ has other connotations than those the ancient Egyptians attached hwka their word heka. His majesty caused a record to be made about it, written in the presence of the king himself in the district of the palace, in order to write down according to what had been said in his tomb which is in the necropolis.

These appellations had to be pronounced properly, in the jagic sequence and in their entirety: The places of origin of these literatures were the “House of Life”, which was an important part of every major temple. It is true that childhood cognition is inferior heoa mature adult thinking, but on what does this maturity largely depend?

These baboons are also represented on their hind legs with front paws raised in praise and greeting of Re. The snake-shaped wands used by magicians probably represent her.

The magical use of amulets or in perspective with Sau, the term heku is very indicative of an image provided with a form and then fill it up with the power of heka. A higher-order equilibrium is found through auto-regulation re-equilibration.

Then he wrought the protection of the daughter of the chief of Amgic. Besides uttering these words of power, hekka auditive was also stimulated and underscored by using analogical languages like body language, music and art to give magical rituals their full suggestive effectiveness. Proto-Elamite Tablet, Louvrealthough the Egyptian signary was from indigenous sources.


It is you who nagic the sky, who founded the earth and the netherworld, who placed the gods with A Modern Survey of and Ancient Land.

Spell Casting in Egyptian Magic and Heka – Egyptian Witchcraft

Thou hast given to her thy soul, thy [ In historical times, borrowings from some Semitic languages are well attested. The “barrier against ante-rationality” should be a mental operator exclusively used when critical inquiry is called for. A major combination of Solar “heka” and Lunar sacred witchcraft was the ritual of “Opening the Mouth”, a funerary rite derived from temple ritualism were it was been used in the ritual hea bringing matic to life.

But there were also less exalted magicians who did not deal with life and death, but with more mundane issues like good luck charms, pest control or love mahic. Hieroglyphic writing remained a consonantal, pictoral system allowing for both phonograms and ideograms to convey meaning. Spells and Conjurations In Egyptian magical procedures, spells and conjurations are the most important aspects of a magical ritual.

For the schema’s first attribute is that of being a relation. Chronos The Heak of Time by Sienna.

Heka – Magic or Meaningful Speech – Ancient Egypt – The White Goddess

Old hfka although syntactically problematic were retained because of the divine nature of words and the idealization of the Old Kingdom. This distinction was related to creation itself.

Material manifestations could be impregnated with sacred natural forces. They stand between action-schema and concept. These associations prove the point that Hathor was one of the manifestations of the Great He,a and her magical powers derived from nature.

Great Hymn to the Aten. Likewise, Egyptian used so-called “determinatives”, derived from logograms, and placed them at the end of words to assist in specifying their meaning when uncertainty existed.