Hey guys anybody have the latest Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50?. Kit Name: Hirobo Sceadu Evolution 50 (EVO) Price: $ If this is your first kit however, the manual might be a bit intimidating. This is not a knock on Hirobo. 50 ARF model (only) has Evolution spec OS50SX-H engine. This engine is suitable for both F3C and 3D and setting up the engine is very easy.

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The QuickUK ball link tool set photo 33 will save a lot of wear and tear on your fingers while assembling all the linkages for the head and control system. Author Write something about yourself.

Then put the last bearing race on the spindle. While we are here I’ll mention that the Sceadu fan has more vanes and an airfoil shape common in aftermarket upgrade fans. This is manuall area I think Hirobo missed the boat; I would really prefer wider stance skids.

I wish they had taken this manuall step further by using hex head screws and nyloc nuts for the frame assembly but they can be ordered in packages of ten from your favorite retailer.

Use a paper towel to smooth out the decal and force the water and any air bubbles out. Linkage and pitch up system All linkages are ball bearing supported for smooth direct transfer of control inputs.

Hirobo Sceadu EVO

Elevator see saw assembly. You want to make sure you have equal throttle end points. Mine was nearly perfect, less than 1 thousandth. The needle valve was closed to 2 turns and the engine restarted, this time the engine picked up and the helicopter lifted into a very stable hover.

Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution Instruction Manual Page 68

Cyclic response was positive but sluggish with the weights installed. These are assembled the same way as the main rotor head, with the larger diameter bearing race going towards the hub. Great Planes Model Distributors N. Don’t bother tightening down the front screws for the battery tray as you have to drop that to install the battery or receiver.


A beginner will have a great platform that will teach them the basics and grow with them as they progress in their flying. zceadu

Step 30 has you mounting the tail rotor servo but I waited until I got here so I could make sure everything lined up. To put the decals on I used a 500 bowl and put 5 or 6 drops of dishwashing liquid in and filled it with warm water. When you are done you can go over the canopy either with a heat gun or let it sit out in scradu sun for a few hours.

Put the mast collar on the main shaft and while pulling up on the main shaft push down on the mast collar and tighten one set screw hand tight, locktite and tighten the other set screw, remove the first one, locktite it and insert and tighten it. Lubricate the one way bearing with TriFlow or very light machine oil and put the autorotation drive shaft down through the one way.

Use the brass eyelets with the flange towards the frame for the rest of the servos. Same setup here with the offset balls on the servo wheel. EVO 50 Video Small.

Measure 3mm between the bottom of the head block and the radius block; it was difficult to put a caliper in there so I just used a 3mm hex driver to set the distance. This is especially important if removing both the lead and brass weights from the paddles. Use a straight edge and loosen the screw in the throttle arm to adjust the arm to 90 degrees when the straight edge is laid from the center of the 2 screws see photo.

Notice that the balls are slightly offset on the servo wheel. Install the spindle bolts with locktite. Don’t forget the spacer. I installed a Duralite mah battery and 5.


Good paddle alignment helps prevent pitch sensitive forward flight. Just like the elevator A arms, sand the mixing arm a bit until the radius pivots freely but not too much so as to make it sloppy. Note, in photo 40, the T lever for the collective has the single ball that goes to the collective pitch arm installed backwards, the ball goes towards the inside so it lines up with the collective pitch arm. Hirobo Sceadu Evolution 50 Distributed exclusively by: Nanual the idle up switch and ensure the light stays on.

Delrin crank lock and homemade fan tool. Adjust the guides until you can rock the helicopter back and forth and the rod slides smoothly and hits the center of the balls and tighten down the rod guides. Note that engine cooling was secadu a weak spot on the initial version of the Sceadu. Put a small drop of medium ca on the stabilizer bar stoppers that fit into the flybar control arms, make sure the machined in washer is facing inward visible when they are installed as shown in hkrobo 34 and push them all the way into the flybar control arms.

Verify that the tail rotor is turning counter clockwise when the main rotor is turning clockwise. Super strong, super light. It used a small drill press vice to set the pin in to the radius arm and mixing lever as it was a very tight fit and wanted to get even pressure.

If you try this step with a number 2 Phillips head screw driver, you are going to be in for some frustration. Remove the flash from the tank neck with an X-acto knife and flush the tank with a bit of alcohol.