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Mosques, palaces, libraries, hospitals — grand buildings that had been the work of generations — were burned to the ground. Instead of taking sides, the Crusaders opted for a position of cautious neutrality between the two forces.

85.History of Halaku Khan – Siege of Baghdad. Hindi & Urdu

The battle of Ain Jalut established a low-water mark for the Mongol conquest. Timeline of the Mongol Empire. In an unusual move, however, they allowed the Egyptian Mamluks to march northward without hindrance through Crusader territory and even let them camp near Acre to resupply.

Angered, Kitbuqa had sacked Sidon. To which is added, an abridgment of the lives of the kings of Harmuz, or Ormuz.

Halaku Khan Urdu Book | Free Books Store

By February 5 the Mongols controlled a stretch histort the wall. Hulagu left behind only two tumens 20, men under the leadership of his favorite general Naiman Kitbuqa Noyan, a Nestorian Christian.

Hulagu’s army greatly expanded the southwestern portion of the Mongol Empirefounding the Ilkhanate of Persiaa precursor to the eventual Safavid dynastyand then the modern state of Iran.

Mongol raids ursu Palestine. Hulagu intended to continue southward through Palestine towards Cairo to fight the Mamluks. Baibars and Qutuz had hidden the bulk of their forces in the hills to wait in ambush for the Mongols to come into range.


Despite many attempts, neither Hulagu nor his successors were able to form an alliance with Europe, although Mongol culture in the West was in vogue in the 13th century. Many historical accounts describe the three Christian rulers Hetum, Bohemond, and Kitbuqa entering the city of Damascus together in triumph, [18] [19] though some modern historians such as David Morgan have questioned this story as apocryphal. hrdu

History of Halaku Khan – Siege of Baghdad. Hindi & Urdu – video dailymotion

The history of Nistory. Hulagu’s Mongol army set out for Baghdad in November Retrieved 21 March Sorghaghtani successfully navigated Mongol politics, arranging for all of her sons to become Mongol leaders. An Encyclopedia illustrated ed. Survivors said that the waters of the Tigris ran black with ink from the enormous quantity of books flung into the river.

It is recorded however that he converted to Buddhism as he neared death, [1] against the will of Doquz Khatun.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At that moment Mongke Khan died, so Hulagu, as an heir and potential Great Khan, galaku obliged to return to Mongolia for the election of a new Khan. They met the Mongol army of about 20, in the Battle of Ain Jalut and fought relentlessly for many hours.


Baghdad was a depopulated, ruined city for several centuries. Doquz Khatun Yesuncin Khatun. Retrieved 6 May After the succession was settled and his brother Kublai Khan was established as Great Khan, Hulagu returned to his lands by A low estimate is about 90, dead; [10] higher estimates range fromto a million. The Mongols swept into the city on February 13 hsitory began a week of destruction.

The Mongols broke free of the trap and even mounted a temporarily successful counterattack, but their numbers had been depleted to the point that the outcome was inevitable.

Estimates of the size of the Egyptian army khzn from 24, toBerke Khan, a Muslim convert, had promised retribution in his rage after Hulagu’s ih of Baghdad and allied himself with the Mamluks.

Halaku Khan By Aslam Rahi M. A Urdushairi.com

Almost the whole Mongol army that had remained in the region, including Kitbuqa, were either killed or captured that day. On February 10 Baghdad surrendered.

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