Get this from a library! Hora staccato for violin and piano. [Grigoraș Dinicu; Jascha Heifetz]. Check out Hora staccato (Arr. for Violin and Piano by Jascha Heifetz) by Jascha Heifetz on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on. Check out Hora Staccato, Dance for Violin and Piano by Emanuel Bay Jascha Heifetz on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Playing anything is great on hoga particularly hell-ish piece and slowness will develop with confidence and relaxation. I can tell you that i fear so many factors, that i resist any string crossing down that descending line. Posted August 22, I’m not stunned when people tell me how great Perlman’s encore was. Even the most musical of sonatas and concertos still involve showing off, playing a solo involves showing off.

The idea of teaching is wonderful but find myself in the “coaching” realm. But dropping the bow in the hand, just enough to give it more vertical freedom, will probably help diagnose more problems and offer solutions over time. When some argue that recordings are better than live performances, tsaccato x-factor can trump a recording anyday.

It is very frustrating. Sometimes this sort of approach stsccato more of a flying spiccato and goes a bit off the string, more than an actual “staccato” which supposedly doesn’t leave the string but rather starts and stops. I keep getting asked to play violin solo in public, so I need to build a repertoire.

Also in visualizing the string crossing, if it is a single string crossing, try not to think of “lifting” the arm even though it’s what we do.

The other byproduct of this extension is that the hand mostly relaxes after the change.

Heifetz-Dinicu:Hora Staccato(violin & piano) : Thomas Metzler Violin…

But it takes great motivation to pursue and carry out a solo career, or to even be an active solo performer, despite how humble or truly genuinely nice they are such as Yo Yo Ma they do thrive on the feedback. After one more go at the manic mock-improvisation, however, things calm down enough for the far less earthy tune of the opening to pop back up, and a single low E flat from the piano calls an end to the affair.


Pops Around the World. If you need some info dont hesitate to write me at: On the down bow, the hand has many choices. In the grip, there are too many factors to analyze, but one is related to control.


Where is the string crossing? Sarah Chang came and played an epic performace of the Brahms and only got one curtain call and barely at that. The combined Dinicu-Heifetz piece is a gem of virtuoso showmanship that, like so many short pieces from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, takes an essentially Classical design and flavors it with the salt and pepper of what Western audiences of the day must surely have felt were decidedly exotic folk music idioms.

The opening portion of Hora Staccato, filled with brilliant trills and witty descending staccato scales, is composed in wholly diatonic fashion and gives little hint of the wild, impassioned viollin outburst of the extended middle section. Masters of the Trumpet.

On doing upbow work, consider these two points in conjunction with the first point: Three Centuries of the Greatest Hits. To get people to come to staccago and buy records by providing a ‘wow’ factor. Violun Baker Flute Recital. I have been critical of methods by those following a mentor too closely and blindly to the detriment of their students and music.

For some talented individuals, 10k is too darn long. Back to the topic at hand. The subtle lesson for me was that the contact be made was the solution, and not that the finger be left on the stick.


Personally, as a kid who ate dirt the minute the hands off came off the handlebars, i’m very cautious when playing for the public. I read these tips with great interest as up and down bow staccato is one of the techiques that I had never mastered and as viola major, it wasn’t really emphasized.


Hora staccato, for violin & piano… | Details | AllMusic

Dr S, Totally sobering point. Works for Violin and Piano. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy.

I dunno that this vlolin completely true as kids will likely nod their heads “yes” to most any of my questions. As the hand will, everybody, now!

It’s also difficult when a violinist can only imagine what it is like playing a strad, del gesu, guad or a v. The Expressive Voice of the Flute. My journey to develop this bow technique is going to be a long and arduous one.

Glenn, Thanks for you very kind comments. The actual mechanics of carrying them out are far too complex to describe in detail, but must, in the end, be a guided discovery by each student.

For the advanced player, it’s even worse because we can feel the deviation develop, while amateurs can’t respond until the bow is way off track. Nothing to apologize for Baiorin.

I orderd the music to Hora Staccatto Heifetz edition this violinn.

Hora Staccato Violin Heifetz Violin/Piano

If one imagines, after several 16th notes, the bow can feel adrift, even though it is not. The extra movement viopin allow for a clean transition. S – its a play off of my initials, though the accumulated credit hours from music school and then engineering school are as much as a PHD would have.