Perform Ablution or Wudu. Before starting prayer, you should perform Wudu to ensure you’re clean. How do I pray salat al istikhara, at what times, and are there special dua has to make, then let him pray two rakahs of non-obligatory prayer. How to do Istikhara? Suggestions from God – Salah tul Istikhara. Click here for After finishing prayer recite this (supplication/dua’): Dua in Arabic Text above.

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One must perform ablution before entering into any salat and so ablution must be performed before doing Salat al-Istikharah. I hope this video will make the matter clearer for you: Not Helpful 4 Helpful I’m really thankful for your help! What a comprehensive and well explained topic in the light of the Sunnah of Holy Prophet God bless him and grant him peace!

May Allah bless us all to do istikharah and to be pleased with Allah’s Decree and decision in our affairs and issues. Science section features not just Science but also Nature and Technology. Imam al-Nawawi mentioned that before the istikhara prayer, one should seek advice from those whose knowledge, wisdom, and concern one is confident.

Istikhara: The Prayer of Seeking Guidance – SeekersHub Answers

Suicide 1 August The best way I can help you understand what istikharah is conceptually and the role and purpose of istikharah is by explaining to you what it most definitely is not. Istikhars are thinking aalatul two cars and are leaning towards buying a convertible, for instance – random example. There is no validity, there is no precedent, and there is absolutely no authenticity to having somebody do istikharah on your behalf.


Just like the meaning of the word istikharah, the purpose of the salah is similarly to seek that which is good from Allah. From the wretchedness of the children of adam is when he leaves doing istikharah with Allah. What is the procedure of istikharah? Then I was comfortable and confident in making my decision. You don’t need to stop talking to people when you decide to do istikharah.

This situation didn’t work out, which is actually good because it wasn’t khayr. Yeah you can but, do it in Arabic first, if you can then later on with English.

Sunnah salah Nafl salah Witr Duha Tahajjud. In the whole islamic history, not a single incident is recorded that due to istikara the companions have cancelled this or that.

You are the Knower of hidden things. The word istikharah comes from the root word of khayr. When we read the text of the hadith, we see the Prophet explicitly said, “Read it as I have taught you.

And Allah knows best. My name is Melek and this is… 14 October They come to a conclusion and decision and feel good and everything is ok and they are going for it.

Salat al-Istikharah

The primary ingredient of the istikharah is conviction. If it is worse for my present and later needs —Then keep it away from me and let me be away from it. A Anonymous Oct 9.

Shaikh Farhat 15 December at Salat-al-Istikhara is a prayer of guidance recited during times of indecision. He is capable of doing whatever He wills. One thing I would like to explain here about the supplication of istikharah is that it is the perfect example of prophetic eloquence of the Prophet and how beautiful the supplications are that he taught us.

It is a simple Arabic dua. Does this dua come before or after the salaams? The primary outcome of the istikharah is the clarity of mind and confidence to make the decision that you need to make that I alluded to earlier.


Answer this question Flag as Saif 27 July at He said, “I had to pray istikharah three times one time to make a decision. Zubayrone of the companions of the Prophet and probably ‘a’ishah’s best and brightest student.

Istikharah: How to and Why? – IslamiCity

Secondly, if you do feel that you are distant from Allah, then fix the problem. Have that level of iman and yaqin in Allah and His Ability to take care of you and Allah will insha’Allah take care of us.

You are leaning in a direction but need some confidence and some clarity of heart. Sohail Bashir 11 February at Usury 3 August Seema Sayeekha 25 August at We might have to bow istikharah a few times to break through the surface or crack the shell, and that’s ok.

When you have the same root word coming in two verb patterns, the subtle difference lray the two is that ardini means ‘make something happen all at once. They said at the most it is inspiration, motivation, encouragement. Muslim Prayer In other languages: How to cope and… 31 July You will feel conflicted, doubtful, very scared or anxious or istokhara about making your decision. I’ve not yet tried praying this salat. There is nothing of that sort. A Anonymous Mar