An imperforate hymen is a congenital disorder where a hymen without an opening completely obstructs the vagina. It is caused by a failure of the hymen to . Learn what to expect from an imperforate hymen, and how it’s treated. In the case of an imperforate hymen, a membrane extends all the way across the area of the hymen, blocking the vaginal opening. It is easily corrected through a.

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Tuncer R, Tunali N. It may be done in the hospital yymen a surgical center with twilight sleep light anesthesia. Postoperative recovery was normal without any pain. Oh, mama… parenting is hard. Imperforate hymen – a rare cause of abdominal pain: Saudi Impeerforate Kidney Dis Transpl ; 9: Pediatr Surg Int ; It has been reported that 2 distinct subpopulations of girls with IH exist on the basis of the age at diagnosis.

If untreated or unrecognized before puberty, an imperforate hymen can lead to peritonitis or endometriosis due to retrograde bleeding. Benefits, Uses and Recipe Water kefir is a beverage favored for its fizzy flavor and probiotic content. The history and physical examination are frequently incomplete.


Imperforate hymen: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Received Nov 27; Accepted Dec imperforatw Usually an X-shaped cut versus a small, pinpoint one is made in the hymen. Open in a separate window. It is hymrn often diagnosed at birth or later at puberty. A half moon of thin membrane normally surrounds the opening of a young girl’s vagina. A similar condition, cribriform hymenis diagnosed when the hymen contains many minute openings.

There was no history of nausea, vomiting, fever, altered bowel habits or problems with urinating. Letts M, Haasbeek J. Abstract A year-old girl presented with primary amenorrhea and had had cyclical abdominal pain for almost a year.

Imperforate hymen

The hymen is called imperforate if there is no perforation of this membrane. Views Read Edit View history. These five women don’t make it look easy. At genital clinical examination of a 45 days old breastfed female patient we found bulging of hymenal membrane Figure 1 with subsequent diagnosis of imperforate hymen IH.

An imperforate hymen occurs in 0. In a retrospective study of the long term results of surgical correction of imperforate hymen, nine of 15 patients had an irregular menstrual cycle and six of 15 patients had dysmenorrhea over a follow-up of 8.


At birth or early childhood, the health care provider may see that there is no opening in the hymen during a physical exam. The pain had become more severe during the previous 2 months and the size of her abdomen had increased over the past few months. How can we help?

What You Should Know About an Imperforate Hymen

An ultrasound can help confirm the diagnosis. Retrieved from ” https: What is imperforate hymen? To help fight against this, she clarifies….

Please review our privacy policy. We diagnosed an imperforate hymen with consequent accumulation of blood in the vagina and uterus haematocolpos and haematometra, respectively. Related MedlinePlus Health Topics. Before surgical intervention in adolescents, symptoms can be relieved by the combined oral contraceptive pill taken continuously to suppress the menstrual cycle or NSAIDs to relieve pain.

This procedure is called an hymenotomy.