The IBM® System x M3 builds on the latest Intel Xeon processor technology with extreme processing power and superior energy-management and cooling. The x M5 has outstanding memory performance that is . centralized key management through IBM Security Key Lifecycle Management. The IBM® System x Type server is a 1-U-high1 rack model server for The System x server supports one of the following hard disk drive.

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Intel Virtualization Technology integrates hardware-level virtualization hooks that allow operating system vendors to better utilize the hardware for virtualization workloads.

IBM System x M3 (Withdrawn) Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

External ports Two USB 2. Comprehensive systems management tools such as advanced diagnostics, a cable management arm, and the ability to control resources from a single point make it easy to deploy, integrate, service, and manage.

Easy dtasheet acquire with affordable rates—We offer one-stop shopping for a total IT solution, so you can acquire IBM hardware, software, services and the financing you need—from one IT provider. The System x M4 is a suitable replacement. Low-voltage processors draw less energy and produce less waste heat than high-voltage processors, thus helping to reduce data center energy costs.

The key is installed in a USB socket inside the server. Actual sound-pressure levels in a given location might exceed the average values stated because of room reflections and other nearby noise sources.


The server offers c3550 and redundant fan modules and power supplies dqtasheet hot-swap disk drives redundant when implemented in conjunction with a RAID controller. IBM ServicePac offerings are country-specific. IBM Systems Director is included for proactive systems management. In cases where a processor needs to access the dedicated memory of another processor, it can do so through the high-speed QPI that links all the processors. Each processor has its own dedicated memory that it accesses directly through an Integrated Memory Controller.

Optionally, the IMM also provides a virtual presence capability for remote server management capabilities. Memory sparing is only supported in systems with Intel Xeon series processors installed.

Features and specifications

datasneet The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: The following memory protection technologies are supported: Turbo Boost Technology dynamically turns off unused processor cores x35550 increases the clock speed of the cores in use. A current list of Lenovo trademarks is available on the Web at https: The slot form factors are as follows: Optical drives The server supports the optical drive options listed in the following table.

Power consumption and heat output vary depending on the number and type of optional features installed and the power-management optional features in use. Standard models The following table lists the standard models.

All models are withdrawn from marketing as of June 30, The following table lists memory options available for x M3 server. A system administrator can use the blue-screen capture to assist in determining the imb of the hang condition. Matrox GeV two analog ports – one front and one dataseet that can be connected at the same time Note: Models with W power supply to nominal V ac; 50 Hz or 60 Hz; 7.


The IMM provides remote server management through industry-standard interfaces: RAID controllers depending on the model: Toolless slides ship with the server, together with a cable management arm CMAthat allows the rack server to easily slide into place. Execute Disable Bit functionality can help prevent certain classes of malicious buffer overflow attacks when combined with a supporting operating system.

We provide service from 8: With twice the performance of previous generations and a flexible, energy-smart design that integrates low-wattage components, the x M3 can help you meet demanding workloads at a lower cost per watt.

The table shows datxsheet server models have each processor standard. Toolless cover removal provides easy access to upgrades and serviceable parts, such as HDDs and memory.

IBM Systems Director also offers extended systems management tools for additional server management and increased availability.

Available datazheet Xeon series processors use only 40 W and 6-core processors consume as little as 60 W. Decrease system temperature by 0. The x M3 offers memory mirroring for redundancy in the event of a non-correctable memory failure.