The iRex Iliad is an electronic book reader device. Its most obvious distinction is its large screen resolution (x pixels, now surpassed by the Digital. A comparative review of the iRex iLiad ereader by iRex. Discover sources for downloading free ebooks and ereader software. I purchased this second hand and had problems with it from the word go. I got in touch with Irex, the support team emailed me quickly with their response, signed .

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I have not yet tried it all out myself. Anything I present here is provided as-is, and is not in any way guaranteed to be accurate or free of errors. While many readers don’t need to scribble notes, underline passages, or dog-ear the pages of the books they read, it’s an essential feature of paper book for academics and others. As of May 3, Mobipocket is supported, making the mobipocket digital rights management DRM content available on lrex platform.

Writing means the iLiad is more than an ebook reader. A far more important and irsx obvious peculiarity to some is its hackability. The distributor of the iLiad is iRex Technologies, a Philips spin-off company.

A hacker’s guide to the iRex Iliad

One handy feature of the way that the iLiad handles these ink drawings is that you can load any JPG or PNG you like as a background template; each time you mark up the image, a new page is created, leaving the original clear for continued use as a template.

Using the desktop software, those notes can be merged into the original document. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When it was introduced, the Iliad had largest screen size of existing e-paper products, but the newer iRex Digital Reader ‘s Our own Jon “Hannibal” Stokes summed up the problem this way:. This provides malleability, an important feature of physical books that is missing from most ebook products, allowing users to annotate, highlight, and personalize the text.


Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. With the integrated Wacom tablet and stylus, it is possible to write directly on almost any document and those notes will remain on that document whenever it is viewed on the iLiad.

Putting pen to e-paper: iRex iLiad ebook reader review | Ars Technica

It allows for quick and smooth navigation through pages. The exact dimensions of this unit are x x 16 mm 8. You can vary the width of the ink, which comes in handy for jotting notes in the margins of books and pictures.

So when I started tinkering, and as I have a bad uliad anyway, I decided to write down what I learned for everybody’s benefit.

The Iliad runs a Linux operating system, and most of its software is open source. The iLiad ebook reader, from Dutch company iRex, hopes to slaughter the competition even as it carves a huge hole into your wallet.

The unit charges via power adapter in about 3 hours. He is the author of The Internet Police: One byproduct of the custom stylus is that the screen doesn’t iliac to fingernails, stray knuckle taps, or non-iRex styli. Our in-depth evaluations of the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle turned up a long list of drawbacks including high price, hard-to-click buttons, slow refresh rates, DRMed content, poor music-playing functionality, and non-interactivity.

Chief among them is the fact that annotations can’t be easily passed back to the PC. For other uses, see Iliad disambiguation. It’s also a notepad on which you can scratch away to your heart’s content. This is the iLiad Version 2 without WiFi and a new silver look. This is a Good Thing TM Because of its open Linux operating system, the iLiad is able to run third party applications created for it.


One of the advanced features of the ilad is the ability to add notes to existing documents.

Most of the complaints toward iRex center around speed of release of SDKs and other information. This does, however, make for a shorter battery life than other ebook readers, ilizd about 15 hours. Instead, it stores them in an iLiad-compatible format that can’t irx read except by specialized PC software. Most of the hacking tutorials are mailing list posts on the mobileread forum. While officially called “iLiad 2nd Edition”, it is generally noted as a minor update to the original.

I’ve done so below; if it’s not obvious and it’s probably notthis is my artistic rendition of Managing Editor Eric Bangeman taking a spacewalk outside the Orbiting HQ. My firmware version is 2.

Annotating documents with a stylus, drawing pictures, and even composing music on the iLiad are all irrex thanks to the inclusion of a Wacom sensor board installed directly behind the screen. The third part, documentation, is rather inadequate — Though a few of the header files for Iliad-specific libraries are documented for doxygenmost are completely undocumented.

On the Iliad, iRex has jrex two out of three right: You can draw on it, tap to zoom, takes notes, and navigate pages. The iLiad’s main selling point is the touchscreen with an integrated Wacom sensor board, which gives the device a notepad-like feature. The iRex Iliad is an electronic book reader device. Inappropriate use or interpretation of this information may require you to have your device repaired by the manufacturer, or even buy a new irxe.