The Illuminates Of Thanateros. 1st edition. This book is dedicated to the Great Work of Magick and to all those interested in practical magickal work. To those. The Illuminates of Thanateros is essentially a practical Order, acting to organise local groups (Temples) and larger meetings, where members can take part in. Liber Null, a book by Pete Carroll, was originally written as a sourcebook for the magical organization, Illuminates of Thanateros. It includes.

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It is not, and has never been, my intention to encourage others to harass those mentioned in any way, and at no point have I or anyone I know threatened intimidation illhminates violence of any kind.

Illuminates of Thanateros North America

Let me also remind you that criminal conspiracies are real — indeed if there is anything guaranteed to add several years to any prison sentence it thnaateros the charge of conspiracy. In the second, later in the book, this same Pete reappears as a teenager.

Thanzteros everything were possible, without limit, the entire Universe would collapse into primordial Chaos and cease to exist. Carroll was offered the chance to make reparation and apology, and failed to take it. As it happened the Magistrate made a completely fair ruling — that her stepbrother should choose for himself where he wanted to be — but social services never explained this choice to him. It is terrible failing in the law that allows the abuse disabled and vulnerable children to continue.

People are starting to see the guilty for the sociopathic charlatans they are, and to watch for further evidence in the hope of having our case re-opened. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It should also be clear that my intentions from the beginning of this exchange have been entirely benign. Although the social worker attempted to have a gagging order placed upon us to cover up this case the magistrate refused, stating quite clearly that although I could not publish the actual records of the case, and that it was illegal to even show them to people, I had every right to talk, write, and publish concerning the disclosures, and every right to exercise my freedom of speech.

The allegations against Julian Vayne, and others, are made upon genuine disclosures made by a learning disabled child victim of the cul-de-sac cult, repeatedly abused by them for a decade — when in the care of his biological father — before he found the courage to speak up — or trusted anyone enough to illuminatees so.

For those still in doubt, here are some excerpts. I have thanaferos had to cut all contact with my own daughter. It is also well known by many people that legal threats have been made — of one kind or another — attempting to have my warnings and allegations removed from the internet. Also note that, while he still refuses to admit that Batley was part of the IOT and has published his own easily disproved lies about me, even Peter J.


Illuminates Of Thanateros

And speaking of misdirected anger; I also have to deal with people like this ex-soror, who seems to have returned to activity in the Illuminates of Thanateros, UK. Due to this social worker the entire investigation was seriously compromised right from the start. I have, as chance would have it, or unseen laws, several times bumped into Mr.

That led to thanaterros untenable conflict between Peter and Ralph, which culminated in Ralph and all of his followers seceding from the IoT.

Illuminates of Thanateros

No parent should have to endure this — and no child. The cult have previously attempted to make us patsies for their crimes, and we have good reason to believe they have been conspiring to murder us. Much if the IOT magic discussed in Liber Null is from the darker side of magic and is devoted to the black arts. In the s they began to attract a following in EnglandGermany, and Austria, including influential occult writers and practitioners. At that time there were no published disclosures identifying any of the children abused by the cult as either male or disabled, let alone who had been abused between infancy and teenage years.

It was only reasonable, considering who he thinks he is, to suspect he might try something. Unsourced material may be challenged thxnateros removed. The word “Illuminates” is used in accordance with the claimed tradition of calling such societies — in which those who have mastered the secrets of magic help bring others to mastership — “the Illuminati “.

The latter rule does not seem to apply to deceased persons, as it is not a secret William S. In late s, Sherwin resigned in protest that the IOT was beginning to resemble the hierarchical orders that were once anathema to the concept of the group.

As you are only too aware, I live in Bristol, as does the mother of the child who identified Vayne. I am sure you know I have had to publish online concerning the other moot you suggested I attend. It should also be apparent that the founders of The OLD HAGS moot have shown an alarming lack of concern over this very thanateroos issue and have demonstrated a complete lack of integrity. For example, Thanaterox J.


I just want to be able illuminaates get on with my life and career as an artist and author — but with these criminals spreading their lies, and my previous publisher having also been involved in the paedophile cult, it is proving almost impossible.

After publishing Liber KaosCarroll retired from active participation in the order, though he remains on good terms with many of the longstanding members.

It should be clear to anyone the antagonism between Vayne and myself is far more serious than any petty vendetta, as he has attempted to claim it can be dismissed as. She and an officer had taken him out of class at school for the interview, had not explained that he was not in trouble, and thrown him into a panic. Carroll could tell us, since he likes to boast about being so god at such things? Thank you for your time and concern. At least check it out on YouTube — self education is a doddle in this age of neuromancy.

Carroll and Sherwin began to publish private monographs detailing their system of magical practice, some of which had been articles in The New Equinoxothers intended as instruction to members of their order. The experiment would even be repeatable. It will not be long before there are enough of us to make life very difficult for the guilty indeed.

The cosmic implications of this most beautiful of all mathematical forms and the perfect mandala, its equations applicable to macrocosm and microcosm alike, are the closest we might ever come to a Grand Theory of Everything, even if it does still beg the questions how? Could this really be coincidence?

These did not come from the cul-de-sac he lived in — they came from the Pagan community. This brave young man was denied his right to make disclosures, and denied his human right to justice. So in they published a small announcement in their magazine proclaiming the creation of a new kind of magical order, one based on a hierarchy of magical ability rather than invitation, a magical meritocracy.

The New Encyclopedia of The Occult. It is merely to suggest that the cult believed TBMC was possible and attempted to use it. These Id-IOTs can believe what they want, but if I tied one to a chair and drilled their teeth with the little kit I have in my box. This post is part of an ongoing series featuring items from the newly acquired Santo Domingo collection.