Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. P6 Analytics provides out-of- the box support for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Work. Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. INPO AP, Work Management Process Description. • INPO , Guideline for Excellence in Procedure and Work Instruction Use and Adherence. 7.

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South blower is missing a blade, causing unit to shake excessively. Special requirements apply, such as fire protection, equipment qualification, and security of penetrations.

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This type of schedule activity would be logic-driven and risk significant only to the point that it must be completed in one shift or one day so as not to impact other planned work on subsequent shifts or days. However, the short-cycle planning process described in Appendix C is most effective when implemented after the standard week jnpo process has been optimized to reduce the corrective maintenance backlog to a low level and when an additional process is desired to further reduce the age or planning time of backlogged items.

Change in work scope is any work identified during the conduct of the work activity that is not addressed in the approved work instructions and that requires additional authorization and planning prior to the work being performed. IF specialized controls, beyond the scope of the individual worker, as described below, are not required, THEN proceed to step 4.

The minor deficiency monitoring MDM process is a process for the management of ao low-level maintenance deficiencies whose significance is so low that it would not prudently warrant taking the equipment out of service to repair by itself. The process flowchart expands on the top-level process elements and includes the detailed activities necessary to achieve the process objectives. Indicators are used to measure the effective implementation of the work management process.


The work management process encourages and 298 feedback on the effectiveness of policies and procedures. A power reduction will not be caused or be required to perform work.

INPO AP 工作管理过程描述_图文_百度文库

app Demonstrate pride in the work management process. Stations should periodically perform cumulative effect analyses or reviews of this listing to ensure that aap vulnerabilities are not masked by small issues that compound each other.

Work is outside the skills of the work team. For that reason, maintaining a backlog of PM tasks within their grace period is reasonable as long as it is truly managed.

Contingency plans may be integrated with the appropriate action in the work detail section, if it is more appropriate than keeping them separate.

IF the safety assessment result is unacceptable, THEN consider moving the activity to another window within the outage that produces an acceptable combination of activities. The typical week planning process and a short-cycle process are described in this document. See Appendix A for examples of work activities that can be worked under this process. Any work to be performed on SSCs with PSA implications must be evaluated to be acceptable to be worked in combination with any other planned task for the entire week.

To address this need, a formal approach to inlo scheduling and implementation expectations was developed. Undesirable consequences of omission of each precaution inpi limitation statement if these consequences are not obvious The service water system differential pressure indicator has oil in the face of the gauge. The safety risk assessment guidelines are a product of the equipment reliability ER process and ensure that configuration risk is assessed and managed prior to initiation or during performance of any maintenance activity that removes an SSC from service, consistent with the requirements of 10CFR The behaviors in this document embody the above principles.


Ensure conditions for schedule commitments have been addressed. This on-line work activity provides a gauge of readiness for a forced outage.

A preliminary defense-in-depth assessment documents the allowable combinations of system and functional equipment groups FEGs that may be simultaneously worked on line or during shutdown conditions.

No Is additional planning needed? An SSC should be considered failed or significantly degraded if the deficiency is similar to any of the following examples: Meteorological rain gauge and wiring has failed from age. Troubleshoot and perform periodic inspection. A detailed postmaintenance testing sequence is not necessary.

INPO (AP-928) Conference

Specialized expertise or equipment from outside the work group is not required. Inadvertent, incorrect, or omitted actions that may result in limiting conditions for operation LCO as defined onpo the Technical Specifications 7. Because of the broad and varied nature of the work in this grouping, some stations may choose to subcharacterize this grouping for more detailed assessment or management of the work.