Workshop Musindo’ Insegnanti Efficaci® – metodo Thomas Gordon. Public. · Hosted by Musindò and Marta – Una Maestra di Musica. Interested. Invite. Buy Insegnanti efficaci by Thomas Gordon, N. Lilla (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Most downloaded Summaries in Psychology. Insegnanti efficaci – Gordon · Psychology-Universita degli Studi Roma Tre · Leonieprim 29 June.

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Insegnanti efficaci: : Thomas Gordon, N. Lilla: Books

Zowel als je zelf kinderen hebt als wanneer je met kinderen werkt. Geeft hele mooie inzichten en vooral insegnajti geweldige methode om echte verbinding te maken met kinderen. Curiamo la relazione con noi stessi, con i inesgnanti figli e con le persone con cui viviamo quotidianamente! Coraggio, autostima, sicurezza in se stessi, si sviluppano accompagnando per mano i bambini nelle varie situazioni della vita.

Io ricordo le mie paure bambine: Nei momenti critici della mia vita riappaiono anche queste piccole ansie. Per questo accompagno i miei figli in fondo al corridoio quando me lo chiedono. Tu ti ricordi le tue paure bambine?

Al contrario, investo in questi momenti per motivarmi a diventare, giorno dopo giorno, una persona migliore. Bizim sesimizi kim duyacak?

Was 40 Now Was 90 Now Spontaneous testimonials like this make erficaci heart want to explode. The other day I saw Emily, a lovely mama who took my last P. She told me that since taking the class, her son hadn’t kicked or called her names.

Sonia Agosta

And with tears in her eyes, she said, “After taking this course, it’s as if there is only room for love. She went on to describe how it can’t be coincidental; that they had been experiencing daily conflict before the course, and insegnanri as she learned to active listen to her son and send confrontive I-messages to get her own needs met, the conflict all but disappeared.

That’s not to say it won’t return every so often, but using the P. And the more you use the skills, the more they become an integral part of how you communicate with others, so they’re not just something you “do.

Questo proverbio cinese mi ha sempre mosso riflessioni profonde. A te cosa dice, cosa ne pensi? Prachtmodel gebruikt in persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling, leiderschap, opvoeding, onderwijs, kinderopvang en zorg.

In iedere branche inzetbaar. Ik ga zo starten! It feels really good to revise the old adage, Children should be seen and not heard.

Not only should children be seen and heard; they should also be understood. And simply hearing is not enough; understanding takes a conscious effort, but the rewards are so great. Understanding generates empathy for the speaker and builds trust and attunement in the relationship.


The more I consciously listen to sfficaci, though, the more it becomes a part of how I naturally communicate. I just aim for awareness of what makes it possible for me to listen to understand, and what gets in the way of doing it. No big surprise there! Sakinlikle ve sevgimizi hissettirek dinleyelim. I taught my last class of an 8-week P.

Am I relying on my child to behave in certain ways so that others think I have a “good” child and I can therefore feel good about myself? When we really think about where our unacceptance comes from—and identify our OWN values they don’t need to mirror our parents’ values!

Stepping back and delighting in who our children really are—rather than expending so much effort in trying to mold them into who we want them to be—is so exciting and enjoyable for us as parents, so liberating for our children, and so healthy for the relationship. Thomas Gordon said he frequently reminded parents: Let him decide what he wants to do with the life you gave him.

A child has the right to become what he is capable of becoming, no matter how different from the parent or the parent’s blueprint for the child. This is his inalienable right. Cependant, chacun de nous demeure une personne distincte ayant ses besoins propres et le droit de les satisfaire. Ainsi tes besoins seront satisfaits, et les miens aussi. Personne ne perdra, nous y gagnerons tous les deux. It is not parroting or paraphrasing what the other has said, but really trying to glean the deeper meaning behind a person’s words and reflecting back that understanding to them.

It’s not always easy, but with practice over time, it feels less like a skill to use when someone has a problem, and more like a natural type of communication.

And even if we we’re not totally on target with our Active Listening, it’s still an opportunity for the other to think: Is this how I really feel? Is that what I’m thinking? Essentially, listening generously gives the potential gift of deeper understanding. Pikkusisarus makaa maassa ja itkee.

While Kimmel’s motivation is ratings rather than toughening up kids, some people respond as if to ogrdon this purposeful betrayal is all in fun and should be viewed as some sort of lesson for the kids. It’s just once a year,” and, “Kids need to toughen up; this’ll do them good in the long run,” are among the reactions I’ve read.


Dr. Thomas Gordon – Tantsd gyermeked nfegyelemre

Lying to our children, laughing at the expense of their pain and sense of betrayal, and filming and sharing their hurt reactions are all harmful to our children and to our relationship—and perpetuate the common view that they are somehow less deserving of true respect.

If we want our children to be truthful, we need to tell them the truth. If we want our children to show kindness, we need to be kind to them. If we want our children to be empathetic, we need to have empathy for them. If we want our children to respect others, we need to respect them. If we want our children to develop coping skills, we need to nurture a bond built on trust and love, not on power, control, and shame.

Repost from perceptiveparenting using RepostRegramApp – I recently saw last year’s Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Gprdon Prank making the rounds on Facebook again and couldn’t help but think of this quote. I recently saw last year’s Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank making the rounds on Facebook again and couldn’t help but think of this quote.

Da ich leider nicht auf dem Boden efficsci kann mit dem Knie und auch nicht lange auf einem Stuhl muss ich leider viel auf der Couch liegen.

Das gute an dem ganzen abgeschimmel ist, ich komme mal wieder zum lesen. Imagine if everyone had at least one person who truly saw and understood them?

Motivational interviewing in overweight and obese patients | Iarrera | Clinical Management Issues

I like to think the world would be a different place. The experience of being heard and understood by another person is so satisfying that it invariably makes the sender feel warm toward the listener.

When one listens empathically and accurately to another, he gets to understand that person, to appreciate his way of looking at the world—in a sense, he becomes that person during the period of putting himself in his shoes. Such an act involves deep caring and love. Parents who learn empathic Active Listening discover a new kind of appreciation and respect, a deeper feeling of caring; insegnxnti turn, the child responds to the parent with similar feelings.

But if you keep it up, it can become a part of how you approach all your interactions—from a place of wonder and care. Son cosas normales que pasan.