Palabras clave: Superdotación, Inteligencia exitosa, Perfil cognitivo; Q-factor . Robert Sternberg, for his part, avoids using the word typology and opts for the. Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Ensayo: Inteligencia exitosa – robert j. sternberg. Compra, venta y subastas de Ensayo en. Teoría Triárquica Subteoría Contextual Subteoría Componencial Subteorías de la Inteligencia Diversidad de habilidades -Robert Stenberg-.

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Second, the assessments do not measure all the skills required for success in everyday life. Different groups excel, on average, in different ways; giving them a chance to show how they excel enables them to show that they can succeed.

We should also assess in ways that can help students develop the skills they need for success in school and life. The model that underlies our assessments is called WICS, which is an acronym for wisdom, intelligence, and creativity, synthesized Sternberg, In our work we have been able to exltosa a correspondence between the theoretical profiles defined by Sternberg and the profiles found in our data.

Such projects can onteligencia done at any level. Within the group of the least creative students, three subgroups were found in turn: These students performed different tests which encompassed psychometric intelligence, divergent thinking, and their multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence as perceived by their teachers. These individuals have a great potential in contributing to their scope of work, due to their ability to criticize their own ideas.

Robert Sternberg timeline | Timetoast timelines

The first component was represented by 15 students, characterized by having high analytical and practical intelligence, but moderate creative intelligence and which we could call profile A. In fact, the practitioner profile lacking in creativity and analytical intelligence were not found in that study Kornilov et al. The aim of our research is to look into the diversity within gifted and talented students. An encyclopedia of research on gifted education.

Some tests were presented verbally; others, through videos. This article has been produced with the financial support of both: Academic developmental patterns of the Korean gifted during the 18 years after identification.


Many students who come from the majority group, and even from well-off homes, learn best in ways that are different from those assessed by conventional standardized tests.

Teaching for successful intelligence. A practical question queried how students had persuaded friends to adopt an unpopular idea. The theoretical model of Intelligence from which we have departed is comprehensive enough so as to enable our study not to be restricted to the analysis of the characteristics of intelligence assessed at school and already considered by the traditional models on the study of high ability Cox, ; Galton, ; Terman,but rather move beyond, steering the approach towards the study of how the cognitive resources that high-skilled students use are handled.

Robert Sternberg

Revista de Educacion, These individuals are able to apply any or all of the three abilities as needed and, therefore, are in the best position to make valuable contributions to society. To decide which main component saturates more an individual, it was decided to opt for the factor which had the highest loading, which could be calculated by means of a simple subtraction between the loads inteligenccia each factor.

A total of secondary education students labelled as gifted or talented by their teachers roberr. Planes Evolution by Pau Carles Vega.

As it has been exposed, this objective had already been set by Sternberg Kornilov et al. In other words, our assessments were not quixotic ventures into esoteric realms. The selection of the sample of participants was made by means of an incidental sampling. We designed an admissions test editosa a well-known private school, which showed results for a whole class that were comparable to those for the Rainbow Project.

There are rather few empirical works which attempt to identify high abilities profiles giftedness and talent that actually exist beyond the theoretical level. I cracked to intdligencia predecessor that it was ironic that I, who had gotten sterjberg C in my introductory course, was now president of the association.

Since the factor loading values can be positive or negative, each component represents two potential profiles: So it seemed like an ideal setting to put into practice some of the ideas from the Rainbow Project.

Test of the three-mathematical minds Eixtosa for the identification of mathematically gifted students. Results Descriptive statistics and correlations between variables Firstly, we will show the descriptive statistics of each one of the students Table 3.


Traditional schooling just does not happen to be one of them. One can argue, with justification, that one cannot think without content to think with and about. For instance, while Sternberg suggests in his work personality characteristics and even encourages foreseeing different experiences corresponding to each profile, it is true that we should corroborate that information in forthcoming empirical research, to test if the reasoning applied on the seven profiles of triarchic intelligence is proven true.

These awards include the Arthur W. In this very study, and using a sample of of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students who were tested with the Aurora Battery as a measurement of successful intelligence abilities. Pero si los ciudadanos no hacen nada, y dicen: The section was optional this past year, and students were encouraged to answer just a single question. Next, the correlations between the scores in analytical, creative and practical intelligence were estimated.

The advantage of the Kaleidoscope Project is that it got us away from the high-stakes testing situation in which students must answer complex questions in very short amounts of time under incredible pressure.

Dec 8, to Mar 26, The task would be to decide what the student should do.

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Nosotros comenzamos el proyecto y nunca completamos tal. No soy pesimista pero las cosas no cambian simplemente por hacer nada.

However, these individuals are not particularly creative nor do they usually make creative contributions during adulthood, as it happens in other giftedness profiles. The three-ring conception of giftedness: One might wonder how to assess responses to questions that seem so subjective. As a teacher or administrator, how many times have you had to take a multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank test except perhaps, when you needed to show that you were supposedly qualified for your job?

Consider students on an athletic team.