This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz – Chapter 7: “Invierno” summary and analysis. ‘Invierno’ by Junot Diaz. Alex Clark. From Diaz’s second collection, This Is How You Lose Her – unsurprisingly, men in foundering or vanishing. JUNOT DÍAZ riverhead books a member of N ilda. Alma. Otravida, Otravez. Flaca. The Pura Principle. Invierno. Miss Lora. The Cheater’s Guide to Love. 1. 27 .

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Throughout the whole story, Yunior’s father is controlling over the family.

The CCNY Summer Writing Workshop: Response to “Invierno”

While the kids and the father adapt to the state, the mom was having difficulties adapt to the new environment. Instead they watch the other children play.

The kitchen, with refrigerator and stove, is as large in itself as their old house. He talks about how is was such a change for them in a new place that they have never been before. Raf and Yunior are confined to the house, if for no other reason than their father insists, perhaps to maintain his illusion of control. Diaz makes you feel it with her walk in the alien snow, her children propping her up on either side in the frigid element.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. All three of them do as the father says so they would not get in trouble.


‘Lose Her’ Finds Power In Resonant Voices

This story is an example of what some families go through, especially if they are from a foreign country. Their current situation is Invierno, or cold. He has bought books for a large book retailer, for warehouse clubs, for a major book wholesaler, and has led a book club.

I like how you put that you can invieeno to your own experience. I truly believe that the title could have been changed to “New Life” because it truly was a new life for the narrator, and it would have also helped me understand what was going on in the story quicker.

TV is considered the ticket to acculturation, to learning the language, and the more you watch of it the better. I have some other things that might work.

Michelle Quito August 14, at But Diaz describes the neighborhood terrain as if inviero was as alien as a lunar landscape.

Invierno by Junot Diaz | Three Guys One Book

Did any characters change during the course of the book? In the last pages of the story “The Cheater’s Guide to Love,” Yunior examines the Doomsday Book, a folder of material his ex-girlfriend leaves behind after their breakup:.

The father was basically controlling over the family that he keeps them away from the outside world. In the beginning of the story Yunior, Rafa, and the mother are scared of the father.

This Is How You Lose Her – Chapter 7: “Invierno” Summary & Analysis

Papi looked at his watch. September 13, 7: He’ll talk to you, I guaranteed. Junot Diaz Deconstructs A Cheater.


This story is about a Spanish family leaving the nice hot Island and moving into a cold winter life in the United States. At the end of the story she decides to go out and explore her surroundings.

I agree with you that the father pressed his family’s members’ emotion down since they moved in.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Great fiction is built around characters that follow the fruitless and wrongheaded paths they’re offered, which is how readers savor safe passage into someone else’s impetuosity.

This is due to the fact that they moved. Explain fully and give examples. Do you think the title fits the story told in the book? Ines Alejandro August 14, at 1: Before the family moved from Santo Domingo to the United States they were junit happy family, but being in a different environment really changed them.

Next The Best of ish. I like how the author, began with “the top of Westminster” and ended at the same spot.