Spring JDBC JdbcTemplate Class – Learn Spring JDBC in simple and easy Once you are done creating the source and bean configuration files, let us run the. Spring JdbcTemplate Example, Spring JdbcTemplate Tutorial, Spring JdbcTemplate example using annotations, , update, spring jdbc. You’ll build an application using Spring’s JdbcTemplate to access data stored in a relational database. To start from scratch, move on to Build with Gradle.

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We provide the SQL statement, the parameter, and the row mapper. The following jar files are required to run the example. Shift LEFT issue 4: ResultSet ; import java. We set up the data source for the Derby database. We create a new testdb database in Derby.

Spring JDBC – JdbcTemplate Class

We give it a testdb name. With the JdbcTemplate’s query method, we select all friends from the table. The BeanPropertyRowMapper converts a table row into a new instance of the specified mapped target class. The result type is specified in the arguments.


The spring-jdbc module provides a JDBC-abstraction layer that removes the need to do tedious JDBC coding and parsing of database-vendor specific error codes. DerbyDao ; import domainmodel.

The mapped target class must be a top-level class and it must tutorizl a default or no-arg constructor. The example creates a new table and fills it with data. The Primary annotation specifies the default datasource. Getting Started with Spark and Redis.

We place the datasource attributes into the db.

Different update methods are available, you can implement the one that is simple and suites your need. The jdbcTemplate bean refers to the bean via the ref attribute.

The data is printed to the console. It is better to separate resources from the Java files. The following example connects to the testdb database in Derby and gets a single car. NamedParameterJdbcTemplate is a template class with a basic set of JDBC operations, allowing the use of named parameters rather than traditional ‘? Spring automatically injects the JdbcTemplate bean.

Spring JdbcTemplate tutorial

Our dependencies include derbyclient and spring-jdbc. The Execute command option jxbctemplate a tool to execute SQL commands. This is the entry point to our command line Spring application. EmbeddedDriver ” ; dataSource. In this tutorial, we have presented the Spring’s JdbcTemplate module. It takes care of tedious and error-prone low-level details such as handling transactions, cleaning up resources, and correctly handling exceptions.


Spring Installation Please see Spring Installation.

Later, we retrieve a specific row and all rows from the table with JdbcTemplate. The Spring JDBC template converts also the vendor specific error messages into better understandable error messages. Create the following domain model.

Here you need to implement the mapRow method of the RowMapper callback interface.

Spring JDBC JdbcTemplate Class

With the queryForObject method, we query for an object. It uses the BeanPropertyRowMapper to tutofial the task. The BasicDataSource can be easily configured and supports connection pooling.