Many a District Officer, faced with the utter disorganization of rural life that attends the presence of a man-eating tiger or panther, has turned to Jim Corbett for. one must read this,who have interest in nature, wild life and its surroundings. he wrote this in such a way that we felt the himalayan jungles, and the king of of. Jim Corbett was every inch a hero, something like a sahib Davy Crockett: expert in the ways of the jungle, fearless in the pursuit of man-eating.

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Though I had repeatedly seen the undergrowth moving I corbeht not seen so much as a hair of her hide, and. Nov 21, Bookworm rated it it was amazing Shelves: A forgotten type of Indian This is the story of the sort of British imperialist in India who is seldom now remembered. While looking at the leg I had forgotten all about the tigress ku,aon I suddenly felt that I was in great danger.

Man Eaters Of Kumaon : Corbett,Jim. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Jim Corbett, Sahib and master of hunting, walks the reader through 7 tales of his hunting – and destroying – man-eating tigers. Was this review helpful to you? The crack of the rifle, more than the wound, had the effect of deflecting the leopard suffi- ciently to make him pass my right shoulder without touching Robin 37 me, and before I could get in another shot, he disappeared into the bushes beyond.

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Man-Eaters of Kumaon

To ask other readers questions about Man-Eaters of Kumaonplease sign up. This bush with its branches resting on the ground was as big as a cottage tent, and in addition to afford- ing the leopard ideal cover gave him all the advantages for launching ,umaon next attack.


The man who had seen the tiger, and given the alarm, told me the tiger had retreated into the jungle, where it had been joined by a second tiger, and that the two animals had gone down the hillside into the valley below. Dec 05, Dennis rated it really liked it.

All thought of the man-eater was for the time being forgotten as they scrambled down into the ravine to retrieve the bag. Academic Skip to main content.

The suggestion was adopted, and three times the party got as far as the ravine. A good read, but written in a time when hunting big cats for sport was thought to be perfectly fine.

Early next morning, accompanied by the Tahsildar, I set out for the bungalow, and while I was having breakfast on the verandah two men arrived with news that a cow had been killed by a tiger in a village ten cirbett away. Help I’m trying to download this in mobi.

Man Eaters Of Kumaon

I plan to look for one or two other books written by him too. The tiger, however, for some inexplicable reason, did not die, and was causing Government a great deal of anxiety when I visited Naini Tal four years later. Again, on the steep hillside which was broken up by small ravines and jutting rocks, the dead animal had slipped and rolled straight to the spot where its two companions were lying up; and before it had cleared the patch of grass the two companions in their turn were slipping Man-eaters of Kumadn rolling down the hill.

The expedition was a great success in more ways than one; for in addition to providing a ration of meat for everyone, it gained me the confidence of the entire village. The narrative is gripping, and learning about hunting styles of yore was fun. It is a popular fallacy that all man-eaters are old and mangy, the mange being attributed to the excess of salt in human flesh.

This is the first book I have read about hunting and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have a tale to tell of that bungalow but I will not tell it The Champawat Man-eater 15 here, for this is a book of jungle stories, and tales ‘ beyond the laws of nature ‘ do not consort well with such stories. The grass was about two feet high and hid half my body, and if I kept perfectly still there was a good chance of my not being seen.


From a very early hour Robin had been agitating to make a start, and, ignoring all the interesting smells the jungle holds in the morn- ing, would have made me do the four miles at a run had that been possible.

There are sixty-four crosses on the map. Lowering her head, she half turned towards me, giving me a beautiful shot at the point of her shoulder at a range of less than thirty yards.

The smoke from the black powder cartridge obscured my view and the men said nothing had happened and that I had probably fired at a rock, or a bunch of dead leaves. I couldn’t recommend a better book. Her tracks now as she carried away the girl led into a wilderness of rocks, some acres in extent, where the going was corrbett difficult and dangerous.

Lying in an uncomfortable position and kumaoh up at an angle of sixty degrees at a range of yards at the small white mark on the ghooral’s throat, there did not appear to be one chance in a million of the shot coming off, and yet the heavy lead bullet driven by black powder had not been deflected by a hair’s breadth and had gone true to its mark, killing the animal instantaneously.

From early boyhood I have made a hobby of reading, and interpreting, jungle signs.