Learn how to use the JJOS with these step-by-step JJOS tutorials for the MPC and MPC The most current versions of JJOS are now virtually unrecognisable to the original Akai OS and JJOS Manuals & Purchasing Instructions. I have included both Akai MPC manuals and the manuals for third party operating systems, such as the official JJOS manuals from the JJ web.

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Waiting for fat pads to come and looking for the upgrades from JJOS. If you are looking for a JJOS with advanced features that you can get a lot of help an advice for from the MPC community, in my opinion this is the one to go for.


But I will answer you. Programs do not save the effects. So if something makes absolutely no sense, we’re willing to help, as many of us are familiar with how to interpret the translations with a fair amount of ease.

Over the years JJ has shown his dedication to providing a stable, feature packed product and upon receiving a bug report he has traditionally provided a big fix incredibly quickly, sometimes on the same day the bug was reported. Follow mpctutor on Instagram. Bybliprock Mon Mar 26, 2: Byntalec Sat Mar 31, 5: Once you are on the correct page for your MPC model you can see a table at the top of the screen with download links to the various different versions of JJOS:.

If you are happy with JJOS3, you can of course continue using it on the standard small screen, although the overall experience is obviosuly much better when using it in the large screen mod via XL. This will give you an easy to follow OS2xl manual with about total pages that you can even print.


I am currently loading version 3.

JJOS 101 – The Complete Beginner’s Guide To JJ OS

As you can see, there are many different versions of JJOS and it can be very confusing, especially as JJ seems to have mwnual logical numbering order to version numbers. I reviewed it here:. If you look at your saved programs they will be all saved but the FX will not be right as its not saved. Also i was wondering how you could revert back to the Akai Os just so i could test it out. So you will hae to save all for FX to be saved. It’s good mental exercise after a while.

I also have an MPC, on loan from s friend. JJOS1 introduced many new features and also redesigned the entire OS graphical layout to use smaller fonts, thus allowing for more information to be displayed on the screen.

The FX are saved in the project files. Byntalec Wed Mar 21, These are a great way to obtain a detailed and jjks2xl understanding of how to make music with JJOS.

Click here to cancel reply. Im trying to avoid rebuying an upgraded os if I go to a large screen down the line. Id like to buy jjos for my manuzl ive been playing keys for over 25yrs and I should have had one years ago this thing is the best thing that happened to music.

Yes the manual can be confusing in the way that it’s worded. Are manjal any new effects with these operating systems like reverbs delays filters etc.? Anyone here who’s read a few old Roland manuals from the ’80s knows what I’m talking about.


Is that normal for JJ OS? It does take some time to get familiar with the Japanese to English translation, especially for those who speak or read English as a second language. Just started messing with my again. So yeah save all 1. Have you tried holding down the stop button and turning the wheel?

I have a with JJos 2XL: The most obvious change is found in the LOAD screen, which provides a different interface. Dec 18, MPC-Tutor mpctutor. Bydtaa pla muk Thu Mar 22, 2: It also fixes a bug in the Akai OS which could potentially cause data corruption on storage disks if your drive was affected by this, install the free JJOS and reformat it.

Really informative article for a newbie. Bydistortedtekno Thu Mar 22, 9: Bywrekkbeach Majual Mar 21, 7: Also note that some versions of JJOS are now discontinued and no active development is carried out on them e. And also with upgrading to how much sample time do you get? Bylightning in a bottle Mon Mar 26, 9: Options 10 posts Page 1 of 1.

Any suggestions to test it out? Bybliprock Tue Mar 27, 2: Bywrekkbeach Fri Mar 23, 7: