Sathya Sai Baba Jnana Vahini. Translated from the Original Telugu Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust. The Stream of Eternal Wisdom. This is not just another book on the Nature of Jiva and the technique by which the Jiva discovers its Reality. Bhagavan Sri Sathya. Home; All Courses. Employability Courses. Hospitality · Automotive. Corporate Courses. ESD Control & Management · Realisation of Nano-Satellite.

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Self-realization is the ultimate goal of life It vahinj also termed Jnaana, invisible to the eye, the optical apparatus that undergoes change and which is very limited in its capacity. Who is this Jivi jnans himself ‘I’? Of course, he who has understood the scriptures has greater chances of entering upon a course of Sadhanas and practising them more steadfastly.

What the Atma does is to super-impose upon the external, evanescent object its inherent bliss and thus envelop that object with a certain attractiveness. At present, the world is full of persons who clamour for good profit for themselves but are unwilling to give good value for the things they receive. An incisive treatise on Jnana wherein Bhagawan becomes our Guru and guides towards the goal of Supreme Knowledge by imparting the most sought after – the spiritual wisdom.

Jnana Vahini – वेद Veda

Since the Form of Vishnu is considered different and external when understood through the study of the Sastras, what you really get is indirect inference, not Direct Experience. Readers might be troubled by a doubt while on this point. The Sruthis use the word Vijnanaghana, to indicate Brahmam.

But the other three will be aware of it, in varying intensities, and they will engage themselves in worldly work, to the extent appropriate to their spiritual status. He has no awareness of the seer, the seen and the sight, the triple thread. Pondering over this problem is the beginning of Jnana.

You have no awareness of this Truth; hence, you vahino drowned in ignorance. Page 43 Top What exactly is Vahiin There is vahjni one other secret of success; this too has to be borne in mind. Otherwise, success cannot be ensured; one of them is not enough.


The recalcitrant mind can be slowly turned towards Brahmadhyana if at first it is shown the sweetness of Bhajan, the efficacy of prayer and the calming effects of meditation. When knowledge of the Atma dawns, ignorance with its brood of worry and misery will vanish. You have the unique chance of meeting Him, at the Prasanthi Nilayam, and receiving from Him His Blessings for the success of your spiritual pilgrimage. Look at the clouds that wander across the sky; note that they have no intimate lasting relationship with the sky which they hide but for a few minutes.

Then the false idea will melt away. Till then, the Jivi continues as Jivi, it cannot become Brahmam. The ever-moving waves of the lake have to be stilled so that you can see the bottom clearly. Thus, you can grow in discrimination, non-attachment and spiritual progress. Through Viveka and Vichara, one achieves Vijnana; and through Vijnana, one is able to grasp the Truth, to realise the Atma, to know the Atma.

They have only relative value; they have no absolute value. He has achieved it by dwelling on the Mithya of the world and contemplating its failings and faults. The apparent form of Brahmam is the result of Avidya or Ignorance; Form is attributed to Brahmam only, to serve the needs of the Embodied Souls during the period of the embodiment.

Catalog Record: Jnana vahini; discourses | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Attaining enlightenment destroys ignorance as well as enlightenment! When the gross and the subtle are transcended, jnqna the Manas, the Buddhi and the Prana are sublimated, that is to say, when the Self is no longer bound by feelings, thoughts, impulses and instincts, what remains is Sath only. The Taittiriya Upanishad has declared, “Through Ananda, all this is born; through Ananda all this is living; in Ananda alone all this is merged; in Ananda all this rests”.

But one fact has to be emphasised again. This type of identity has to be grasped. The fourth, the Brahmavarishta is in the seventh grade, the Thureeya, the stage of perpetual Samaadhi.

So the Vasanas must be put down. That is to say, the mind is controlled by good counsel, superior attractions, withdrawal from sensory objects, ability to bear the ups and downs of fortune, steadfastness and poise.


The Purusha is but the eternal Witness, the Ever-inactive, the Modification-less. It is Maya that produces the illusion of Jiva and Eswara and Jagath: Only those who are unaware of the Sruthis and the Sastras will aver that Jnana and Brahmam are distinct. It is not born and it is unaffected by the six-fold process of change.

Defeat only made him more rigorous in self-examination and more earnest about following the prescribed discipline.

So it has to be again and again brought back to travel to the correct goal. He is satisfied with the inner joy he gets. Page 15 Top The word Brahmam is derived from the root, Brh, meaning to expand, to increase, to enlarge etc. Therefore, try to know the Truth behind Life, search for the Fundamental, bravely pursue the underlying Reality.

Both the actors and the spectators are lost in confusion, unable to surmise its meaning and its development. Jnana Vahini Author s: How can it be said that there is nothing outside the Atma?

Such a Jnani will be unaffected by joy or grief, for he will be fully immersed in the ocean of Atmananda, above and beyond the reach of worldly things. Remember constantly that You are not the body! Is that statement false? Wants should not be multiplied. This is how the Vedas describe it. It creates affection and attachment and so, by means of the dual pulls of happiness and sorrow the one to gain and the other, avoid to it plunges man deeper and deeper into activity.

Vahinu is the mystery of Brahmam, the understanding that there is no vahiini. Jiva vagini Eswara are caught up in this proliferation and they are inseparably intertwined in the Jagath and so they too are creations of mental process like things appearing in the dream-world.