In “Lost in the Funhouse,” the author, John Barth, writes a story about someone, a narrator, who is himself writing a story about Ambrose, a boy of thirteen. John Barth’s titular short story, ‘Lost in the Funhouse’, from his subversive short- story collection Lost in the Funhouse, is an overt example of the theories. Lost in the Funhouse (The Anchor Literary Library) [John Barth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Barth’s lively, highly original.

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As critics decried the Death of the Novel, Death of the Story, Death of the Author, Death of et cetera, Barth took it upon himself to revel in the debris, causing further destruction in the process.

Lost in the Funhouse

John Simmons Barth is an American novelist and short-story writer, known for the postmodernist and metafictive quality of his work. The crazy nature of the story makes the story a funhouse in itself.

No kidding — I did the counting myself. The stories in Lost in the Funhouse display a professorial concern with fictional form.

We passed over Motown too for the Beatles and all of those other impossibly bad British geysers who followed in their wake. This collection starts off really quite promisingly – some of the first half is excellent – but with each story proceeds to hammer the same single tired tone, only a little harder each time, until there’s nothing left but a great piercing din, and all you really want to do is just leave the room and sit in silence for a while. The love of his life and his older brother ran off together to another part of the funhouse.


It’s pretty much a perfect example of the genre. This book is sort of loosely linked stories. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat There was no such girl, the simple truth being.

Lost in the Funhouse was nominated for the National Book Award Barth would win the award for his next book, Chimerain He is not going to make you eat your short fiction or even make you shoot Chekhov’s gun sitting on the fictional wall next to you. He wants to point out, explain, and make fun of the traditional devices he is using.

After that begun the downfall of this book for me, not due to the lack of interesting elements but uninteresting subject matter with which, I could in no way had have connected. I keep joh that these language games are becoming dated, though.

This book- 3 Stars- I merely Liked it.

Lost in the Funhouse Summary – Schoolbytes

Lost in the Funhouse by John Barth. Can nothing surfeit, saturate you, turn you off? All in all — worth it for the handful of iohn stories, but not as great as I was hoping baarth be going into it.

May 30, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. Barth tells an incredibly mundane story, but is absolutely littered with self-awareness, meta-fictional funhose at the reader, and explanations of what certain sentences and sections are supposed to be accomplishing in terms of the narrative. Another aspect of the verbal trickery of the story is to somehow assert the primacy of language to experience.

To ask other readers questions about Lost in the Funhouseplease sign up. The Babysitter — Robert Coover Astonishingly creepy and exciting; he takes a stock horror story situation — babysitter menaced by house intruder — and chops it all up into fragments of time; quite a simple method which touches of genius sometimes are.

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The trick there is that reviews are sort of self-aware and self-reflexive by their funhouss, which is why e.

Feb 03, Nathan “N. John Barth – ‘Lost in the Funhouse’ I don’t recommend this book to anyone except sadomasochists and die-hard, avant-garde literati.

Barth rambles on in short story form about how hard a time he’s having writing anything intelligible hence, “Lost In the Funhouse”. End of the Road. Funhluse are commenting using your Facebook account.

Lost in the Funhouse – Postmodernism

National Book Award Finalist for Fiction Many stories seemed like barriers instead of conduits of ideas. For the former, it helps to 1 at least be acquainted with Greek mythology, if not have recently read The Odyssey which I have 5 times in the past five years, since I “teach” that work 2 not worry too much about all the nested quotation marks the first time through.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Barth is sometimes too clever for his own good, but he’s always an optimistic, fascinating writer, and I enjoyed those stories First, an admission: Altogether now, chorally, “On with the Story! Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

Nothing new that I can capture. The second is told in third-person, written in a deliberately archaic style. As thought experiments, they can be terrific fun, but it’s the equivalent to literary candy, in my opinion.