2 Select the pattern No. you desire to sew. When the power is turned ON, the data input screen is displayed. Pattern No. button. (B) which is selected at present. Product Information of LBHAN Series – JUKI Industrial Sewing Machine. Only spare parts designated by JUKI can be used for repairs. .. Computer- controlled, high-speed, lockstitch buttonholing machine, LBH, has the subclass.

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For the position of the stopper, refer to 3. When data is not written in EEP-ROM or data is broken, data is automatically initialized and the initialization is informed. Pedal Switch Circuit Diagram 10 Pedal switch circuit diagram — — Computer-controlled, high-speed, lockstitch buttonholing machine 8 pages.

Juki Automatic Sewing Machine LBH 1790A, Speed: 4200 RPM

Knife size inch B: Lubrication method Face plate section: Adjusting Each Sensor 4. Various Data List 8. Standard Adjustment 3 Adjusting the presser lifter origin sensor 1 Adjusting the senor Draw backward. The Instruction Manual for these machines intended for the maintenance personnel and operators at an apparel factory contains operating instructions in detail.

The knife supports sewing lengths of 41mm at the maximum. Computer-controlled, high-speed, lockstitch buttonholing machine 10 pages.

Adjust so that the distance from the top end of bobbin presser 4 to the front end of machine arm dimension as shown in the figure is 8 to 15 mm and tighten nut 1. Custom Pattern Memory Capacity. Basting stitch mechanism is lbbh-1790 for the production of beautiful buttonholes. Item Setting range Edit unit Remarks Compensation of bar-tacking width, right Item Setting range Muki unit Initial value Knife solenoid lifting time setting 5 to Knife cylinder lowering time Optional 5 to Y-feed motor origin compensation to 1 pulse 0.


Automatic Sewing Machine JUKI-LBH, Balaji Sewing Machine Private Limited | ID:

How to use the pedal Refer to Instruction Manual. Item Setting range Edit unit Remarks ACT timing adjustment at the start of 1st bar- -5 to 5 1 stitch tacking This item adjusts needle thread tension output start timing at 1st bar-tacking section. DP5 11J 11J 14J.

Page 93 Error code Display Description How to recover Place of recovery Presser size over of basting E Possible to re-enter after Sewing data edit screen When stitching data of basting exceeds presser size. Page 84 5 Radial straight bar-tacking type 6 Radial flow bar-tacking type S Page 99 5 Non-lubrication hook Part No.

With this, slots such as the belt holes of child lbh-170 belts can be buttonholed. For the backlash of the presser lifter gear, adjust the installing position of presser lifter motor 1 to remove the backlash. When main motor 3 interferes with the presser lifter motor and it kbh-1790 difficult to remove it, loosen four setscrews in the presser lifter motor and slightly move the presser lifting motor to the side.

Align shaft end 1 of solenoid with the edge of thrust collar 2. Don’t have an account? JUKI’s unique active tension Electronic thread tension control system. Throat plate Knife drop groove Edge of machine arm All rights reserved throughout the world. The machine eliminates oil stains on the sewing product. Cloth setting position 4: J commodity without notice. Compact AC servomotor direct-drive system.


To find out more about our cookie policy and how to disable them click here. Item Setting range Edit unit Initial value Presser lifter maximum position 0 to Page — 98 — Computer-controlled, High-speed, Buttonholing Machine with a shorter-thread remaining function.

LBHA Series Computer-controlled, High-speed, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine Thanks to the multiple knife-dropping function, it is no longer required that the knife be changed at the buttonhole size is changed.

Kuki Chart 4 Trimming position!

ACT timing adjustment at the start of right -5 to 5 1 stitch overedging Memory Switch Data List 2 Memory switch data juuki 1 Level 1 Memory switch data level 1 are the motion data that the sewing machine has in common and the data that operate on all sewing patterns in common.

The thread tension and main drive mechanisms in LBH is electronically controlled with easy control options. Page 15 Page 16 – Adjusting the needle thread trimmer Page 17 Juik 18 – Needle thread trimming adjustment mode Page 19 Page 20 – Adjusting the needle thread trimmer orig Then fix idler fulcrum hinge screw 2. Put the sewing machine in the bobbin thread trimming adjustment mode with level 2 of memory switch. Item Setting range Edit unit Initial value Cloth cutting knife size 3.

Origin of needle rocking stepping motor 4 can be adjusted with memory switch level lbh-1970 2.


Don’t show me this message again. Intermittent feed by stepping motor. Size of cloth cutting knife.

Explanation Of Shape 9.