CLICK FOR WHAT’S NEW (AS COMPARED WITH THE GY-HDU). The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC’s. JVC GY-HDE 3-CCD ProHD camcorder Interchangeable lenses (16x lens supplied) See All Professional JVC Camcorders. JVC GY-HDE HDV Camcorder Review. by Nigel Cooper. nigel I ve heard so many things about these two new HDV camcorders from JVC.

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All the levers, buttons, XLR sockets and various switches felt like they will withstand been switched and pulled thousand of times without any hint of wearing or breaking off.

It has a professional flange back back focus adjuster. A skilled camera operator who is used to shooting on film format cameras will get top-notch results shooting in 25P with no flicker in sight. The second issue was never completely solved. Set top boxes and HDV displays will have inputs for i or P either 25 or Canon answered with the XLH1 and delivered a level of sophistication and control not often seen in cameras under 25k.

Remember, this is not a format war, progressive and interlace will continue to co-exist for years to come.

JVC GY-HDE Camcorder – Black | eBay

It had lots of the HDV p footage characteristics i. Unfortunately this was an indicator of a number of elements of the HDE that just didn? There was a touch of purple fringing, especially when zoomed right in close. From a purely technical and practical perspective, if the intent is to shoot on HDV but deliver on projected 35mm film for theatrical cinema release, then 24p is a perfect choice as no drop-frame matching techniques are required to conform the original digital footage to the 24fps of film projection.

Having previously reviewed the Canon XLH1 and being blown away by its quality but staggered by the rather, to me, obscene price tag, a large part of me really wanted JVC to flip the competition the bird by producing a comparable HDV camera with interchangeable lenses at a far cheaper price.

No two ways about it, the HDE looks and feels like a professional, shoulder-mounted camera. You could walk around all day with this camera on your shoulder and not feel a single twinge in your back, it really is that well balanced. The alternative preview method comes from the substantial flip-out LCD screen. What else, are yes, you can turn off the servo zoom and switch to manual, this enables you to use the chrome lever, or zoom barrel to carry out zooming.


In truth if you? In fact this is the first piece of equipment that I have reviewed in a long time where I was very sorry to see it go; the JVC courier man had to almost prize the packed up box from my arms when he came to take it away. To deal with this overheating issue, JVC engineered two separate circuits to cut the workload on the chips in half.

For audio, the twin XLR balanced audio inputs and independent manual level control dials give very good sound options. Once I unzipped the bag and took the HD out my first impressions were excellent to say the least; this is one really well built camcorder, in fact camcorder seems too mainstream a word for it.

What this indicates is that, ironically, we as audiences actually associate a perception of quality with an image that is actually slightly diminished. When the recording is completed, the unit enters the Record-Standby mode. Then there is the Aperture Ring. Gadgets Gadgets See all. Pet Tech December 29, All the various controls on this camera are very logically laid out.

Alternatives to NBN — home wireless broadband December 29, I would strongly recommend getting some training in either 25P or proper film camera shooting techniques.

If I were to use the camera as a device for transferring footage to my NLE editing computer I would use the device controls via the computer.

So you know which one your finger is on by feel, hence you can stay focused and concentrated on your viewfinder composing and exposure and not worry about things like this. But there is an argument to be made that the perception of 24p desirability is actually based on a visual myth.


JVC GY-HD101E with P+S Technik Mini 35 Image Converter

In this vein, it certainly is the HDE? Capture however did not prove quite so straight forward. The second, and more worrying, was truncated and corrupted files that would deliver to the computer a complete clip in the length but from which only the first handful of frames had an image, the rest of the clip being blank.

When you switch the camera into manual exposure mode you simply gy-gd101e the aperture ring to adjust the exposure, again, this is the professional way of doing things, no little aperture scroll wheel stuck on the side of the camcorder body here, or worse still, a menu based aperture system; the latter being next door to useless. Ergonomic placement of camera functions.

However, it could be argued that Progressive is the way forward. The camera also has the usual playback functions and buttons i.

Poor image performance in low light. The immediate truth is that JVC are smart to include this feature because they know, rightly or gy-hs101e, it has a popular perception of desirability.

However, two circuits could not sustain exactly the same performance as each other, which resulted in a line where the two halves met.

Superb lens with servo motor control. The time code value at the Record-Standby position becomes the time code gy-hd101d in advance. At first the HDE seemed very poorly balanced and nose-heavy but once a large battery pack is added on the rear of the camera and the shoulder pad slid back to match the user?

On the contrary, the GY-HDE is perfectly balanced on the shoulder, better than anything else in this price range that I have ever tried, in fact it betters many shoulder-mounted cameras that I have tried costing twice this price.