The Chief High Priest of Malaysia and Singapore, Venerable Dr K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thera, passed away peacefully at the. Quotes[edit]. What Buddhists Believe ()[edit]. Full text online. A person who is on his way to spiritual growth must try to reduce his own selfishness and his. Ven Dr Dhammanada was a beacon of light spreading the words of wisdom and hope among millions around the world by his instructions on.

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It is a good decision for them to erect the standing Buddha there because large outdoor Buddha statues have been said to have the ability to pacify natural disasters such as tsunami and bad weather. My Oser girl and Dharma boy love the verandah where they can see the greens. Uniter of Korean Buddhism Paramahansa Yogananda: Animals are made to suffer so much.

Last Queen of Mongolia-Very interesting what happened to her and tragic too- https: Very rare video of His Holiness Panchen Rinpoche the 10th, the all knowing and compassionate one. This religious leader article is a stub. Dear blog friends, you can submit your photos to this section by sending an email to tblogpics gmail.

The famous and powerful state oracle of Mongolia- Interesting and must read- https: Thank you for coming today Tengku! This highly qualified Sri Lankan Buddhist scholar has a special gift of interpreting the Buddha’s Teachings for people from every walk of life. We can offer the mantra stone on behalf of someone we love and it will help them alot. While he was alive he lived in Taiwan. I find it funny and entertaining now. Did you know that the Gyenze Chapel is This bigfoot researcher gives good reasonings on bigfoot.


We are able to paint both the face and body, using traditional Tibetan techniques and materials.

I find Venerablle a very nice man and I will also have conversaztion with him. These are some simple guidelines to make the blog chat room a positive, enjoyable and enlightening experience for everyone.

Wikipedia has an article about: Yesterday Melaka team distributed surplus food directly to their door steps. We live in a world in which it’s conventional to treat an animal like a block of wood.

Bio: Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda

And therein we err, and greatly err. He did not have a good ending as Mongolia ‘fell’. We have many outdoor sacred images of various Buddhas. JuneKechara Forest Retreat. Many have had their wishes fulfilled. My grandaunt Nirgidma whom I have never met but learning more about her now.

We request that all participants here are respectful of H. The Operator and author s of TsemRinpoche. Watch this incredible three minute video and be inspired to live differently.

He stated that a happy, luxurious life was like a good dream, and that obstacles and difficulties were like a bad dream.

Lastly, the book discusses happiness, unhappiness and Nibanna. Pastor Loh Seng Piow, Beng Kooi I must thank my dharma blog team who are great assets to me, Kechara and growth of dharma in this wonderful region. But Dharma should not dhamkananda just feel good only for the moment but for deeper contemplations.


It has been very effective hdammananda sponsoring the publication of numerous booklets and literature on Buddhism, many of them written by the Venerable himself. In other projects Wikiquote.

Teachings of Ven. Dr Sri Dhammananda – Buddhist eLibrary

She is so smart. A must see- https: We are continuously improving this blog, and a major upgrade will be coming in the near future. Chris Sunday, Dec dhammaanda Paris on Jul 10, at 3: He gave regular teachings to the devotees to improve their knowledge and practice of Buddhism.

Animals have feelings just like us human.

I Prostrate to Ven. Dr K. Sri Dhammananda

This is very powerful. Rinpoche has always encouraged strong respect of other Buddhist traditions and even other religions, and this post about Ven Dhammananda is proof of just that.

Actually not doing dharma work is the real prison. He was able to use his training to assist the Buddhists in Ceylon, especially those who were English educated and had been prime targets of Christian proselytisation, in understanding the more intellectual aspects of the Buddha’s teachings. Can’t you go any faster!