L O D = Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation . KAHRAMAA hereby certifies that the WORK under the said CONTRACT has been. State of Qatar Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring, Electrical EquipmentAnd Air. Any deviation to this regulation to be noticed to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” by the contractor or consultant. These.

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These standards have a set of specification for the materials usage.

Road and Drainage Networks Design Dept: Organisms All water intended for drinking E. Component Parts Of a Spring System. Means the lowest level at which water can flow into the overflow qataar of a cistern or tank. State of Qatar is classified as being among the worlds most arid and desert regions.

Study permit applications modification procedure and issuing Permit. Rainfall can be heavy with poor natural drainage resulting in surface flooding. Detailed schematic diagram drawing of system. Box N. Another stop valve shall be provided just before customer ground tank for maintenance and service performance. No discernible pattern in rainfall occurrence is apparent, but there is a tendency of rainfall to occur more often during February and March.

If there is combine tanks supplying fire, irrigation, or both, allusiveness both domestic and fire demand must be determine by consultant at the relevant form see appendix form BPW. All related materials and equipments shall be procured through Woqod.

Means the level at which the water in a cistern or vessel will first spill over if the inflow exceeds the outflow through any outlet and any overflow pipe.

The maximum flow rate shall not exceed 2. Comparison of Pipe Carrying Capacities. Receiving and studying applications for building permits. Means cylindrical closed vessel capable of containing water under pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. Means the part of pipes and fittings between the distribution main up to and including the water meter at the customer’s boundary.


There are some forms in the appendix: Means a cistern provided with its discharging apparatus for discharging the stored water rapidly into a water closet pan, urinal, drain or sewer. Gaskets to be supplied with fittings in this section must be suitable for use with potable water. The internal network must be close loop or ring type.

The applicant in this stage exposed to these obligations for implementation of the project. PE pipes are normally supplied in bundles of straight lengths of 6 Mtrs.

Regulations of Internal Water Installations and Connection Works

Certification of completion of construction after the completion of the special requirements. By reducing the water use by efficient means will reduce the energy required to supply and treat public water. Residential complex can be compound of villa or buildings complex, see figure CSD – CSI – 09 – 10see figure CSD – 09 – 02 or combination of both villa and buildings. Estimate fees for building permits. Means allocated valve for controlling the flow of water into a cistern, its operation controlled by vertical movement of a float riding kahramaaa the surface of the water.

Guideline for Plans Submission. Means an overflow pipe fixed to operate as outlet, whether inside or outside the building is in a conspicuous position where discharge of water readily seen. It is preferable to specify renewable energy source like solar energy for plumbing applications, such as, solar water heater.

Building Permit Complex Centre, Tel. The depth of first Inspection Chamber should be 0.

Collection of fees fees to tegulations a file, Permit fees. The Polypropylene pipes fitting shall be comply with the followings standards or equivalent: Means any tank other than a flushing cistern having a free water surface under atmospheric pressure, but does not include a drinking trough or drinking bowl for animals including poultry.

The washers shall be of EPDM and shall provide the sealing between the outer body and the ferrule stem.

  BT138 - 800 PDF

In case of a design change or make additions or amendment to the design, New NOC application has to be submitted to Qatar Rail. Considerable amount of energy is consumed to deliver and treat the water we are using every day.

Means the International Organization for Standardization. Suitable size of gunmetal or polypropylene PPR compression couplings used at reegulations sides for qafar MDPE pipe of all size range from 20 mm up to 63 mm.

Regulations of Internal Water Installations and Connection Works

Means the mechanical room containing filtration, chlorine dosing pumps used for water circulation process, which carried out through the surge or balance tank serving such swimming pool. The PWA is responsible for all public foul sewerage, surface water and ground water drainage systems in the State of Qatar. Detailed drawing of cameras locations for each floor. Pump installation at the downstream Outlet Discharge Point From That Tank with non return valve One Directional Valve that convey water to the roof storage tank of public house, villas or building roof tank.

These clauses shall be read in continuation of Section 7. The valve shall close clockwise.

Means the capacity of the cistern or tank measured to the highest level that water can reach when the float valve or other regulatuons device for controlling the inflow of water fitted. Must not be detectable in ml sample.

Reference to ” Customer ” in these byelaws shall fill the required applicant as defined before.

Approved Contractors List 8 Nos. The violation committee to decide matters relating to violations of building permits. Allusiveness kahramaa both domestic and fire demand require holding reservoir. Sample 3 Test 3 for CEE