Automatic Barcode Data Verification and Evaluation. Auto ID Data Controller. Model. DVPE. Display power. English. Applicable barcode reader. Specifications of models in DV series by KEYENCE America.

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Kryence this manual in a safe place for future reference. Introduction This manual describes instructions on basic usage of the DV, its operation procedures, warnings and precautions. Be sure to read this section thoroughly before use. Be sure to read these messages carefully. Doing so may cause fire and electric shock. Using the unit in an abnormal keyende could cause fire, electric shock, or accident. Therefore, users must fulfill the following conditions when the DV Series is going to be used in the EU countries.

Software Licensing Agreements Read the following licensing agreement carefully before using this software. By using the software, you signify that you agree with the statements herein and the contract is accepted.

Chapter 4 Basic Functions Verification Function Before using the DV, keyeence that the following items are all included. By assembling the part stored on the illuminated shelf, assembly errors can be reduced. The figure keyece is an example using a handheld reader. A fixed type reader can also be Note used. Refer to Up to presets can be registered beforehand in the DV as master data.

KEYENCE DV User Manual | pages

In the above figure, the barcode on the batch sheet is read first, and then the barcode on the material is read. Refer to By bundling three barcode data as one set, up to sets of master data can be registered preset in the DV Three barcodes are read in a row, and the output No.

Refer to The DV extracts the data that indicates the expiration date in the barcode, and compares it with the calendar in the DV If the date is incorrect, or the date has expired, an NG output turns on. Display the record No. Numbers in parentheses are described on the following page. Specify the type according to the code reader to connect. Turn off the power of the DV when connecting the code reader. Follow the steps below. This section describes its procedure.

Specify the port No. Press the or lowing items. Starts the reading rate test mode. Starts the tact measurement test mode. Initial Setup of the Code Reader The read test is completed.


Follow the procedure below.

In such a case, be sure to take action to prevent vibration, or secure the USB cable. Even when the Microsoft digital signature cannot be confirmed for the USB driver that you want to install, click [Yes] and proceed with the installation.

Log on as the user with the administrator authority. Then turn on the power of the DV However, click [Continue Anyway] and proceed with the installation. Failure to use the power supply that satisfies this specification may result in damage to the DV The screw holes on the DV are not threaded.

Use the supplied M4 tapping screws for installation. Master data 1, 2 dc 3 is used depending on the verification function. It is possible to apply the digit number verify limit function Refer towhich verifies only the specified digits, to the respective master data.

Normal Verification Function The normal verification function is used to compare and verify the master data, which is registered preset beforehand, to read data with the code reader. The DV holds master data items at maximum, and compares and verifies master data with read data.

The results can be output from the bit parallel output terminals. Then, press the key. Normal Type Exit the setting mode. Press the ESC key twice. Keyenc master table keyencw initialized when the verification type is changed.

However, it is not initialized when active verification is changed to normal verification. Note Setting of the normal verification function is completed. The buzzer is sounded, and the read data is set as the master data. The record number indicator LED increments and the next data items can be preset sequentially.

The LCD displays the master data of the next record number. keyencce

KEYENCE DV-90 User Manual

Basic Functions Preset the data within the specified master record number the default setting is Select the desired record number. This is preset to the selected record number. The read data and the master data are verified. The matched record number is displayed.

Specify the counter function. OFF key to display the counter settings, and press the 4 Out key. Display the counter settings. Press the 4 01 Parallel 1: Bit key to place the cursor on or key, and the counter function can be key. Exit the setting mode. Keyende to It can be set between 10 ms and ms. The factory setting is ms.


Then, press the 3 key to place the cursor on or key to display the interlock settings, then press the 4 Out key. Display the interlock settings. Press the 01 Parallel 1: Bit 05 Interlock 0: Specify the interlock function. The displays are switched by pressing the fv key. The interlock function is not activated. Interlock is performed when Verify OK occurs. Active Verification Function With the normal verification function, the keyeence data is checked with all preset master data.

With the active verification function, you select only one preset active record from the master data to compare to. Press the Note 01 Verify 1: Setting of the active verification function is completed. Determine the active record by pressing the key. The selected active record number is displayed on the record number indicator LEDs. Set the active record by pressing the key. Step Verification Function The step verification function verifies two data items read sequentially.

Second reading First reading Second reading First reading Second reading Step Type Exit the setting mode. Setting the Step Verification function is completed. Basic Functions 1 The screen is displayed as shown on the right. Second reading Compares and verifies the data from both readings, OK or NG is output kehence to the result. OUT9 to 12 are turned on again. Verify OK is output after reading all three data items.

Then, press the 4 or 01 Verify 0: Specify the 3-point-A verification function. Then, press the 5 Exit the setting mode. Press the 4 Basic Functions Note key. The buzzer is sounded, and the read data is preset as Master data 2. Read the third code Master data 3 with the code reader. The buzzer is sounded, and the read data is set as Master data 3.

The LCD displays the destination to which Master data 1 is registered for the next record number. The screens and the illustrations are examples for verification with the master data in Record number 1.