Strangers to Ourselves has ratings and 11 reviews. Maksym said: One of the most popular Kristeva’s book is discovering the question of identity. Toda. Julia Kristeva pp | Cite as. ‘Strangers to Ourselves’ experienced by the subject, according to Julia Kristeva, are those produced by poetic language. At the beginning of Strangers to Ourselves, Kristeva gives a definition of the foreigner: ‘the foreigner lives within us: he is the hidden face of our.

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This book has helped me to realize how extremely we depend from our cultural background. There remains yet another point of doubt here for one who is skeptic of psychoanalysis.

Doktor Limbi Zombie rated it liked it Aug 20, The language that is employed here almost seems like it would work better as an autobiography or fiction. Her insights into the problems of nationality, particularly in France are more timely and relevant krsteva an increasingly integrated and fractious world.

Her positioning of the foreigner as an Abject entity holds these people in bad faith, with the discourse of this novel only limiting the potential of the immigrant as a viable and autonomous entity. In this case it helpfully to read the Chapter 4 Knowing who we are where Kristeva tries to understand not only cultural or social roots of our identity, but tries to examine ontological basis of it. The main thesis of this and next chapters is that we are often wrong about why we do something and even about how ztrangers felt.


Strangers to Ourselves by Julia Kristeva

Soni rated it it was amazing Oct 10, Growingincubi rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Quotes from Strangers to Ours Kristeva begins with the personal and moves outward by examining world literature and philosophy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The opening section “Toccata and Fugue for the Foreigner” is widely anthologized and a great piece of writing that can stand on its own while the chapter on Paul and Augustine is also very good.

Kathleen rated it really liked it Apr 16, It horrifies me to hear Kristeva’s yo personal experiences projected into vague half-truths about the identity of the immigrant populace. When we try to run away from our culture we must rebuild not only ourselvesbut also others. Iria rated it really liked it Sep 05, Trivia About Strangers to Ours Kristeva seems to run out of steam and stop abruptly once she begins to discuss foreignness and strangeness in contemporary culture.

Strangers to Ourselves

Kristeva begins with the personal and moves outward by examining world literature and ph This book is concerned with the notion of the “stranger” -the foreigner, outsider, or alien in a country and society not their own- as well as the notion of strangeness within the self -a person’s deep sense of being, as distinct from outside appearance and their conscious idea wtrangers self.


The Unknown, and The Kristeva Reader.

She also founded ourrselves Simone de Beauvoir Prize. She simply toys with ideas that deserve far more development than she’s willing or able to provide them—if they are to make sense and be winning arguments.

Strangers to Ourselves – Julia Kristeva – Google Books

College professor study kristeba what it means to be a stranger But farther and farter it gets harder to understand where she sees the possible answers. Feb 24, Leonard Pierce rated it liked it Shelves: She discusses the legal status of foreigners throughout history, gaining perspective on our own civilization.

Quincy rated it really liked stragers Jul 24, There are though places where this book never measures up to the greatness you’d expect from Kristeva on this topic.

Mar 09, Sophie rated it it was ok.

Account Options Sign in. Jeremy rated it really liked it Mar 14, There is a closed cycle: In doing so, the remit of exactly what Kristeva is talking about is widened to include essentially anything resembling the concept of “otherness”. Margherita rated it it was ok Sep 09,