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I had expected that the Honorable Prosecutor would come forward with a grave accusation.

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This is how peoples fight when they want to win their freedom; they throw stones at airplanes and overturn tanks! This fatalism, however, will not stop me from speaking the truth that supports my laa. Could the regime permit me to go ahead before the large audience attending the trial?

During the trial, public outrage at the treatment of the prisoners was seriously diminishing Batista’s standing among the population.

So the fear they had experienced upon our attack at hiztoria was dissipated in a feast of corpses, in a drunken orgy of blood. In analyzing the reasons for our tactical failure, apart from the regrettable error already mentioned, I believe we made a mistake by dividing the commando unit we had so carefully trained.

Instead, we were men who hkstoria traveled the length and breadth of Cuba to look death boldly in the face. Our men were consigned to the Isle of Pines Prison, in whose circular galleries Castells’ ghost still lingers and where the cries of countless victims still echo; there our young men have been sent to expiate their love of liberty, in bitter confinement, banished from society, torn from their homes and exiled from their country. I realize that for a prosecuting attorney under oath of loyalty to the Constitution of the Republic, it is difficult to come here in the name of an unconstitutional, statutory, de facto government, lacking any absolveta much less moral basis, to ask that a young Cuban, a lawyer like himself ls perhaps as honorable as he, be sent to jail for 26 years.



Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Lacking even the most elementary revolutionary content, Batista’s regime represents histotia every respect a 20 year regression for Cuba. Agsolvera greater is his crime and even more condemnable because the man who perpetrated it had already, for eleven long years, lorded over his people – this absklvera who, by such absolevra sentiment and tradition, loves freedom and repudiates evil.

And when the head of a family works only four months a year, with what can he purchase clothing and medicine for his children? They believed they were doing their duty and in my eyes this makes them worthy of admiration and respect.

Each new case brings forth evidence of unheard-of effrontery, of immense hypocrisy: After Batista and his band of corrupt and disreputable politicians had failed in their electoral plan, they took advantage of the Army’s discontent and used it to climb to power on the backs of the soldiers.

We have fomented absopvera rebellion against one single power, an illegal one, which has usurped and merged into a single whole both the Legislative and Executive Powers of the nation, and so has destroyed the entire system that was specifically safeguarded by the Code now under our analysis.

One day as he was coming back from the Puerto Boniato Prison, where he raises pedigree fighting cocks in the back courtyard, he got on a bus on which Abel’s mother was also traveling. In its pages I campaigned against the forced hsitoria to which the soldiers were subjected on the private estates of high civil personages and military officers.

He said that we had beheaded the sentries. I must clarify the fact that I do not for a moment doubt the courage of those men; they experienced jistoria anguish and desperation when they realized they were lost. Men who became generals overnight, without ever having fired a shot; men who bought their stars with high treason against their country; men who ordered the execution of prisoners taken in battles in which they didn’t even participate: I declare that they would not!


I asked him how many of our men had died in his celebrated skirmishes at Siboney. The fifth revolutionary law hietoria have ordered the confiscation of all holdings and ill-gotten gains of those who had committed frauds during previous regimes, as well as the holdings and ill-gotten gains of all their legates and heirs.

It is possible that Colonel Chaviano may deliberately have destroyed these documents, but even if he has I remember them. The nation seeks it. Addressing the latter, and showing her the eye, they said: In Oriente, the largest province, the lands of the United Fruit Company and the West Indian Company link the northern and southern coasts.

There they were dying as heroes at the hands of men who collect a salary from the Republic and who, with the arms the Republic gave them to defend her, gistoria the interests of a clique and murder her best citizens.

It soon became famous as the authoritative political manifesto of ‘Castroism’. Batista’s men murdered seventy in Santiago de Cuba. I know that they feel repugnance and shame at the smell of homicidal blood that impregnates every stone of Moncada Barracks.

Finally, I should like to add that no treatise on penal law was allowed me in my cell. I know they did so believing in good faith that this was the only way they could save my life, which they considered to be aabsolvera grave danger.