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Power Transistors RF Transistor. We mainly check the open-circuit fault in horizontal deflection circuit. D Operating supply Oscillation voltage range stabilizing time typ. When the secondary load increase, also the magnetisation current will increase.

LA Datasheet – Color TV signal-processing IC – Sanyo

That is two conditions, requiring two degrees of design freedom. If you are satisfied with our items, please leave us active feedback. Repair any damaged traces. Here is another thing to try: Consignment and warehousing available.

There are a semi-infinite number of variations on this basic theme. The 1-Source Electronics group of companies provides a full suite of services to the electronics manufacturing industry. Note that this is not be the same as what is commonly called linearity which would likely affect only one side or gradually change across the screen. Using external vertical trigger to reset countdown circuit.

The detail checking and repairing steps are as follow. The level of influence is depending to the pattern lay-out of the chassis. In addition, the improved operation of gain control and gating control in this IC contribute to stabilize horizontal output of VCR signal in automatic mode. Any items must be returned in their original condition to qualify for a refund or replacement.

  ASTM D1945 PDF

Generally, a hard start of the line deflection circuit represents a very heavy load on the HOT.

Do not start with the electronic test equipmentstart with some analytical thinking. Its value is therefore not critical. Recommended Oscillation Circuit and Sample Characteristics. A set of rectifiers – in a bridge configuration – to turn the AC into DC.

Select pin 5 output.

LA76810B, LA76812, LA76814

Brightness Control Control brightness. Some of them willto put it mildly, appear quite obscure or to put it more positively, creative at first. Timing is not very critical as long as it happens between the end of the flyback and zero crossing of the summed current.

In all casethe power to the horizontal output transistor HOT of the horizontal deflection system is obtained directly from the DC voltage power supply. Ultimately this will cause saturation of the ferrite core. Not even a hint of color. The base-drive to the HOT must have been switched on before this point!

An S-cap that changed value or selected datashest be the wrong value will result in distortion at the left and right sides datwsheet the screen: Do not immediately assume that your problem is some combination of esoteric complex convoluted failures. This makes it extra difficult to optimize the base-drive because there is only a limited time interval where the HOT may be switch on and that interval is shorter with high beam current load. Setting of BUS bit: One arrives the collector of V la7681b pin3 and pin7 of T, the other arrives the base of V through startup resistance R, R,Rlimiting resistor R The designer has to do some optimizing here Decaying or erratic focus or screen G2 voltages The fellow applies to both CRT focus voltage which should be a few KV and screen or G2 voltage which should be several hundred V The screen voltage will come to normal after sitting over night.


Ug charge C reversely. The voltage across the S-cap is causing the current to decrease but the S-cap is also gaining charge so the rate of decrease is increasing.

The location of the zero crossing depends on the secondary load, notably the beam current. There are scan rectifier and the coupling factor with the primary is decent. Thereforeto really understand even approximately how each design works may require some head scratching but the basic operation of them all seems to be very similar.

For a TV, it may just be a bad connection or failed diode. The maximum drive current of Q1 is 1mA. Ultimately it may reach a level where the transformer core may go into saturation. Because the electron beam can not move in the horizontal orientation, the failure should be in the horizontal deflection circuit.

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A stable synchronization signal can be achieved because it is not interfered by the external vertical trigger. Check the control itself for proper operation with an ohmmeter. Firstconfirm that the source is actually in color – try another channel or input device. We can use V to bypass the current flowing into base of V in order to control the on-off time of V But they datasheef no use of the stored magnetic energy, they load the primary directly during the datasheey part.

Please change the value of R, which is depending on the specification of tuner, to decide the DC voltage output.