El Festival Boreal celebra en la edición número 11 de este evento que crece y se convierte en imprescindible en el circuito de festivales canarios y en. Lagenda. Guía de ocio de Tenerife Contacto: [email protected] a. org · posts · 1, followers · following · Image may contain: 2 people. Lagenda, Guía de Ocio de Tenerife con toda la actualidad cultural de la isla: música, teatro, arte, cine, exposiciones, cursos, naturaleza.

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Lagenda : Lagenda | Guía de Ocio de Tenerife

The gofio pellets are often tasted in pilgrimages, traditional fairs and vintages. The island currently has five appellations of origin: The town that gives a name to the pyramids is situated at the south of the island. It is another of the most commonly prepared and consumed dishes. It is a famous and tourist zoo and a collection of privately owned tropical plants. The gofio is one of the traditional elements of Canarian cuisine and particularly of Tenerife.

Enjoy its nightlife or a relaxing stroll by the sea, visit its shopping areas, forget about the heat in its water parks and relax in its spa and relaxation tsnerife. The mojos constitute an authentic world of flavors, colors, textures, etc.

They are also typical so-called gofio pellets, in which this main ingredient is kneaded together with others honey, sugar, water, almonds, raisins, cheese, etc. In the surroundings of Mesas del Mar, we find this beach of dark sands and calm waters.


The rabbit in salmorejo, tnerife kid, and of course beef, pork and poultry are also commonly consumed. This is a typical dish of the whole of the Canary Islands that responds simply to the way of cooking potatoes.

Playa de Las Teresitas: In the heart of the island stands the highest peak in Spain that offers you from its summit unique views and a landscape that transports you to other worlds. It is the highest elevation in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world from its base in the ocean floor, the Teide.

More information of the beaches of Tenerife on.

See where the top and the most influential tweets come from across the world. Not Applicable Linkedin Generife A unique environment of cliffs frames this beach of meters in length.

More information about Tenerife leisure in. These cliffs are formations of great beauty, such as the cliffs of Los Gigantes and tenerlfe stone bodies, which are accessed through recreational boats and guided excursions.

Henerife Ethnographic Park was founded on as a way to guarantee the state of the pyramids and keep on studying their origins. Actually, after some investigations, some attribute their origins to the ancient civilizations; arguing that they could just be carves done to huge rocks.


Both fish and meat are usually accompanied by wrinkled potatoes. Depending on the height of the tides, small puddles form natural pools. Powerful Tweet Selection Controls Analyse your teenrife using simple hashtags, words, phrases Drill down to precise sets of tweets using complex boolean expressions Filter by region, language to get even more focused results.


Since then this is a fundamental food in the agrarian zones.

Lagenda (@lagenda_de_tenerife) • Instagram photos and videos

However, the range of these sauces is tenreife broad and allows the use of different ingredients in its preparation such as almonds, cheese, saffron, fried bread, teneirfe other possibilities.

Get Full Access Now. Not Applicable H6 Headings: Another species that enjoys certain fame is the moray, which is usually served fried. Many and varied is the cuisine offered by the island, from international food and other cultures to the cuisine of the Canary Islands, which deserves special attention.

Special mention deserves the Canary Malvasia, which came to be considered the best wine in the world lzgenda was coveted by the European courts and the largest wineries in Europe and America. We encourage you to tour the island and take in the memory the landscape of Tenerife.

Even some prestigious chef has made ice cream gofio receiving good criticism about it. A typical Canarian sauce that gives a certain lagenea flavor to the meals.